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Fantasy Football – Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

Patrick Coones (2L)

Here we go again: another season of FOOTBALL! But you probably don’t care about that, do you? Yeah, you. You know who you are. You’re only here because you wanted to make someone think you know sports. Or maybe you wanted to have something you could do with your boyfriend. Or maybe you wanted to fit in more with your guy friends. Hell, maybe you even like football. Regardless of what made you decide to take part in fantasy football this year, you’ve come to the right place for who’s hot and who’s not around the NFL.

First and foremost, I want to start with this week’s picks of the month. This award can go to none other than the man with unquestionably the best haircut in the NFL, Tom Brady. Now I know what you might be thinking, the guy hasn’t played a game yet and it’s already week 4. Believe me I understand your concern with putting this guy in your line up for week 5. But, the second the defence of the Cleveland Browns gets a look at those luscious locks, Brady will be finding the end zone. Sure, fully inflated balls probably won’t help his cause but when you look that good a silly thing like the rules aren’t really a factor.

The second player you are going to want to try and get your hands on is former No. 2 overall draft pick, Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans. Looking at this one from a strictly numbers perspective, Marcus is a no brainer. In his first 4 games his completion rate is less than 60 percent and has four touchdowns! If there is one thing you can rely on in football it’s that guys who start the season in a slump always turn it around. Marcus has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. This has midseason turnaround written all over it.

Now that we have the QBs figured out, it’s time to talk about RBs. Two notable players stick out in my mind as clearly the best bang for your buck value right now. First, Justin Forsett formerly with the Baltimore Ravens. Second, Chris Ivory, of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Let’s talk about Justin first. This guy is too good not to be picked up by another organization. In only 3 games this season the guy has managed an average of 3.2 yards per carry! If you give the guy the ball every play you’re getting yourself a first down every time. Why have the Ravens and him parted ways? There is no real way of knowing. However, my guess is that he was simply too good looking for the team to handle. Certainly had nothing to do with his gameplay.

Finally, the other RB that you need in your line up is Chris Ivory. Now you might be thinking to yourself why? His average yards per carry are only 2.2 yards and Jacksonville is usually trailing by halftime, meaning they are going to have to be throwing to catch up. However, if you think these are issues then you are missing the bigger picture. If he never touches the ball, there is no chance for him to fumble it.

So there you have it. Make sure to check in next month for more hot picks.