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Law School Clubs!

Alberta Law Review

Alberta Law Review (ALR) is one of the country’s most respected legal journals. Founded in 1955, the ALR publishes three general interest issues per year and an annual energy law issue. The journal also publishes a number of special issues, including a tort law issue in honour of Professor Lewis Klar in 2016 and an upcoming health law issue in 2017.

The ALR is ran by two editors-in-chief and a student editorial board, selected each year from the group of incoming 2L students. The student editors are responsible for ensuring the correctness of citations in each article, as well as additional committee duties ranging from social media to fundraising. The ALR hosts a number of events throughout the year and a banquet reception for students, authors, and academics each February.

Applications for this year’s editorial board are closed, however first year students are encouraged to attend ALR’s information session in the second semester. For more information please contact Brooklyn LeClair and Patrick Smith at


Association of International Petroleum Negotiators Student Club

The Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (“AIPN”) Student Club is a group that promotes international energy interests by connecting law, STEM degree, as well as business and international studies students to global energy affairs. Our University of Alberta Club is a newly established connector for students interested in a professional career in the upstream, midstream, and downstream hydrocarbon sectors. The AIPN is also a great way for students to get exposure to expert negotiators, policy makers and/or executive-level leaders.

We are mostly composed of law students, but are taking measures to extend AIPN’s presence to the science and business degree programs. All students that think both critically and creatively about current shifts in global energy policy are encouraged to apply. Send an email to University of Alberta AIPN Student Club President Westin Newman for more details about student engagement:

AIPN has in place scholarship and essay prize opportunities for its student members. Students can also visit the AIPN website for further details:


Energy Law Club

The Energy Law Club’s mission is to provide law students with opportunities to discover and engage in issues that are central to Canadian energy law. Guest speakers, field trips, and networking events are essential to the Energy Law Club, and students will be able to network with professionals in the legal, business, government, and academic areas of energy. Our club approaches the energy industry from an educational and open-minded perspective and our goal is to always learn and contribute valuable knowledge to conversations about Canadian energy.


Faculty of Law Climbing Club

If you’re looking for a way to keep active and to try something new that will challenge you mentally and physically, join the Faculty of Law Climbing Club for an outing to the Climbing Centre. The Climbing Club offers a laid back and supportive atmosphere for both beginners and experienced climbers to work on bouldering problems or high-wall routes, whichever you prefer. Even if it’s your first time lacing up a pair of climbing shoes, everyone is welcome. See you on the Wall!


Law and Business Association

The Law and Business Association provides opportunities for students to learn about the business of law, as well as the interaction between legal professionals and the general world of business. We will host events throughout the year, where speakers will provide insight into: the operation of small, medium, and large law firms; business leadership as a legal professional; and careers outside of a law firm for those with a legal background. Our events are a great way to network with legal practitioners, business professionals, and other students interested in law and business.

For more information about the Law and Business Association, feel free to contact either of our co-presidents, Deirdre Fleming and Dylan Gibbs, or send an email to


Law and Older

Law and Older is a ready-made support and social network with a minimal time commitment. It is not limited to mature students, as there is no age requirement. But if your age, life experience or situation makes you feel out of step with traditional extracurricular law school activities, or if you are otherwise unable to participate in them, Law and Older may be for you! We meet for monthly lunches to socialize and for members to gain advice and mutual support from their peers and upper-year students. There is no set agenda, but in the past we have discussed matters such as the first-year moot, course selection, and articling. Sign up for e-mail notifications for the monthly lunches by sending a quick note to The first lunch is planned for the week of September 19th.  We look forward to meeting you!


Law Show

Law Show is the Faculty of Law’s largest club and the best charitable variety show known to man. It brings together the brightest stars with those completely devoid of any sort of talent. There is a place for everyone—whether it is as a dancer, singer, musician, or (if you’re lucky) as an Oscar-worthy tree. If you would prefer to not be up on stage, there are a ton of behind-the-scenes volunteer positions. This year we’re proud to present Alice in Wonderlaw. Join Alice on a kaleidoscopic journey through the absurd legal world. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and feel slightly uncomfortable. As a member of Law Show, you will help raise money for our charitable partner (YESS), make lifelong friendships, and get a free t-shirt. Over the coming weeks, you will be inundated with the best kind of peer pressure to join Law Show. Just accept it. If you have any questions feel free to contact this year’s Executive Director, Tyler McDonough, at .


Law Students for Access Together

Founded in 2014, Law Students for Access Together (LSAT) is a club dedicated to advocating for the interests of law students with disabilities at the University of Alberta, including their successful transition to legal careers.

We have successfully lobbied the Law Faculty to make scholarships and awards more inclusive of students with disabilities and to include employment-related accommodation resources on the Career Services website. Other lobbying efforts have related to increasing physical accessibility of the Law Centre and of Devaney’s pub, a popular gathering place for law students near campus. In addition, we’ve held a well-attended speakers event on increasing diversity in the legal profession and established an annual Accessibility Award to recognize individual contributions to increasing accessibility for people with disabilities in the law school and the legal community.

This year, we plan to participate in the federal government’s consultation on disability legislation, host more speakers events, and hold our third annual Accessibility Award Ceremony to mark the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3. Our club is open to all law students and welcomes new members. Connect with LSAT at



The Litigators are one of two men’s hockey teams to play for the faculty of law. The team prides itself on being the more social of the two teams, with members ranging from significant hockey experience, to people who had never played before law school.

This year’s team president is Chris Monfette. He will be working hard to organize the 2nd annual ‘gators outdoor 4 on 4 pond hockey tournament, as well as alumni weekend in Lake Louise in the winter semester. Veteran Chris Anninos will be back this year as team captain, bringing his trademark grit and aggressive style of play to the ice.

So bring your skates and bring your stick and join us this year for another exciting season. We’d love to have you out to fire some pucks on the ice and join us for a beverage or two off the ice.


Mental Health and Wellness Committee

The Mental Health and Wellness Committee is a student led organization that aims to introduce the student body to healthy habits that not only promote wellbeing while in law school but also to be continued when practicing in the legal profession. Our group is committed to tackling mental health issues that so often effect those pursuing a career in law.

Throughout the year we will be hosting events that encourage physical activity, creativity, and stress relieving practices as well as acting as a channel for support and information services. Some of what we organize include free yoga sessions, comedy night, nature walks, and bringing in therapy dogs during exam time. We are a relatively new group looking to expand our membership and diversity of events in order to introduce new stress-reducing methods. Also, we are excited to team up with the faculty this year to bring in our first speaker in the Spring: Clara Hughes.

If you are interested in taking part in a group that provides students the tools to succeed in school and in practice please contact us at or join us at our first general meeting to be held in late September.


Panda Bearristers

The Panda Bearristers are soon to be gearing up for the annual Western Canada Law Rugby Championship, taking place on October 15 in Kamloops. The girls will be very competitive heading into the competition. After an outstanding performance last year, the teams’ returning veterans are looking forward to another season with their much anticipated new recruits.

Law rugby is an interesting “sport” in that it involves two types of training. The first would be the weekly practices, and the second involves preparation for the annual boat races competition! Some new recruits are scouted for their athletic ability and others for their ability to crush beer in record time. The Panda Bearristers are currently recruiting members with either skill.

Remember the best thing about rugby is whether we win or lose, we always get to drink.


Runnymede Society

You have likely come to the University of Alberta with not only an interest in joining the legal profession, but also an interest in being exposed to honest, open, and balanced debate about the nature and role of law in Canada. This year, the Runnymede Society was founded to help strengthen this debate on law school campuses across the country.

Throughout the year, the Runnymede U of A Chapter will host a series of debates among legal thinkers on topical legal questions. We are interested in building a core student membership to help plan our events. Members will benefit from terrific networking opportunities as well as the chance to publish their very own legal commentaries. Interested in joining, wish to know more, or have debate ideas you’re dying to share? Please contact either of the U of A Chapter co-Founders, 3L Patrick Smith ( or 1L Moira Wolstenholme (, or visit

On September 30, we will kick off the year with a live airing of this year’s Munk Debate. Fitting for Runnymede, this year’s debate motion is particularly controversial: U.S. Election – Be it resolved, Donald Trump can make America great again. Event details will be posted soon!


Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) seeks to provide students who have an interest in sports or entertainment law with a mechanism to become involved in and acquire a greater knowledge of the issues in these fields. SELS’ purpose is to educate and inform students about the realities of practicing in the entertainment and sports law fields. The society sponsors numerous activities, both intra-school and inter-school, to familiarize students with the unique type of law practiced in these very specialized fields. The Society sponsors lunch-time lectures with legal professionals from the field. The group offers many opportunities to learn more about this area of law. SELS was formed in 2013 to explore sports and entertainment law issues.


Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) is part of the Animal Legal Defense Fund (, which was founded in 1979 by attorneys active in shaping the emerging field of animal law. The overall mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

SALDF of the University of Alberta Law School is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at furthering its mission and raising the profile of the field of animal law.

The activities of SALDF include, but are not limited to: hosting speakers on current issues in animal rights and animal welfare law; carrying out research projects for lawyers, professors, and organizations promoting animal welfare and animal rights litigation; networking with students at other law schools; and conducting educational events such as information tables and video screenings on pertinent issues.


Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services of Edmonton (SLS) is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low income individuals with legal issues in the Edmonton area. SLS has a long and distinguished record and has been helping low-income individuals since 1969. Each year, over 250 students from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law volunteer with SLS. SLS is divided into four different projects:

1. The Civil and Family Law Project. This project offers assistance with landlord/tenant matters, contracts, WCB/AISH/CPP/EI hearings, family law matters, uncontested divorces, and more.

2. The Criminal Law Project. This project provides basic criminal law information and represents individuals charged with relatively minor criminal and quasi-criminal offences.

3. The Legal Education and Reform Project. This project offers community lectures and outreach programs, and researches poverty-related law reform issues.

4. Pro Bono Students Canada. The local chapter of this Canada-wide student group conducts legal research for non-profit organizations.


Women’s Law Forum

The Women’s Law Forum (WLF) is one of the oldest student organizations at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law. It exists to advance the status of women in the law and is committed to benefiting students at the Faculty of Law, the University community, and the community at large. We have long employed a consensus-based decision-making model and its members will continue to strive for open discussion and mutual understanding as the basis for its decision-making processes.

The WLF operates for the purpose of advancing the status of women in the law by promoting dialogue about issues affecting women, fundraising for social causes affecting women, and providing resources to improve the educational and occupational opportunities for female students at the Faculty of Law. Membership in the WLF is open to any full-time or part-time student currently enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta. This includes JD-MBA combined students and students participating in a formal exchange program with the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta.