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Tis the Season for Your Whole Team to Fall Apart

Christina Roth (2L)


This NFL season has been one of the most chaotic for Fantasy Football players. Between big names underperforming and season ending injuries, it doesn’t matter who you drafted in hopes of becoming a champion. Drafting a successful NFL team is a delicate balance between players known for scoring big but getting injured and players that will get you consistent points and be available every week. A favorite pick of mine the last few seasons has been the Cowboy’s wide receiver Dez Bryant, a gold mine of big points and no injuries. Similar is Bear’s running back Matt Forte, who may be ranked a little lower in the draft but always puts up good numbers and avoids injury. While Bryant, out with a broken foot for most of the season, and Forte, absent the last three weeks with a sprained knee, have been hard on my season, the biggest disappointment has been Peyton Manning. The Bronco’s Quarterback has fallen short of achieving 20 fantasy points every week, except for week 2 against Kansas City. The Chiefs had the last laugh however, forcing Manning into a six-point deficit in week 10. So who do you depend on when a previously consistent and elite quarterback like Manning goes down?

Most rosters are filled with big names and big injuries. Le’Veon Bell is out for the season after Fantasy players only got six weeks out of Pittsburgh’s top running back. Jamaal Charles has a torn ACL, the second one in the past 4 years, and Marshawn Lynch is out for three to four weeks after undergoing hernia surgery. While injuries provide an opportunity for rookie players to start making a name for themselves, there is only so much injury a roster can take before a Fantasy team has no chance to recover. Unless you’re in a league that has under 10 competitors, at this point in the season the waiver wires are looking bleak. Wins start hinging on if no name Joe is going to grab a touchdown when he might not even see a pass. This year, Fantasy Football seems to be more about luck than it ever has before (not Andrew Luck, that guy has a lacerated kidney and a torn abdominal muscle). There is still some time for players to fall or recover, but speaking for those of us on the brink of making playoffs in our leagues, all I want for Christmas is for my players to have ACLs of steel, unbreakable bones, and concussion-proof brains – but just my players…I really want to make playoffs.