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Ruck N’ Roll, It’s Rugby Season!

Joey Redman (2L)


October is one of the greatest months of the year for sports fans. Baseball playoffs are happening, football is in full swing, north and south of the border, and the NHL season is starting up with the Oilers looking to continue with their aggressive 28 year rebuild strategy. Despite all this excitement, there is only one sport on the minds of students this month, and that’s Rugby!


And why wouldn’t it be? Rugby World Cup 2015 is well underway with the top teams in the world competing to prove they are the very best. The tournament is being hosted in the UK this year, resulting in some very early mornings for fans back on this side of the pond. The usual suspects have led the early play, with Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa dominating their respective pools. Canada has fallen short in the group stage, but has proven to be a crowd favorite. The tournament will be on all month, with the finals taking place at 10:00 a.m. Edmonton time on October 31st. You can catch all the action on TSN2 or streamed live.


Back home, the Bearristers and the Panda Bearristers are gearing up for the annual Western Canada Law Rugby tournament, taking place on October 24th in Vancouver. Both teams have updated their rosters since last year and should be very competitive heading into Vancouver. After an outstanding performance last year, the Bearristers are looking for a repeat performance with a mix of returning veterans and enthusiastic rookies. The team hopes to be able to keep the trophy cabinet in the gavel full for another year (this year the team plans to actually bring the trophy to the tournament). Law rugby requires more than training sessions twice a week for the matches. The squads must also repair their livers for what is arguably the most important event of the weekend, the boat races! As the wise old men who hang around rugby clubs will tell you, “The best thing about rugby is whether you win or lose, we always get to drink.”



I managed to catch up with members of both squads to talk about the rugby season and upcoming tournament. Panda Bearrister Bronwhyn Simmons has been a member of the law team since 1L, and played club rugby last summer as a member of the LA Crude based out of Leduc. Bearristers Captain Paul Kolida, just wrapped up his second season as a member of the Nor’westers, a club team based out of South Edmonton.