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Pray You’re Not One of These People: 1L Types Edition

Elizabeth Robert (1L); Aaron Duong (1L)

Law school is generally a haven for the enormously keen but there are those amongst us who take excitement for the law to new heights. They are even doing things previously unseen in my undergraduate classes, such as the kids who ask questions ONE MINUTE before classes end, and then ask a follow up question! I am trying to get to the library to attack my mountain of reading, how dare you cut into that time?


Closely related is the classmate who wants a dialogue with the professor during class time. How have you made it through your undergrad without someone pointing out that class time is not personal time? Cutting into the learning time of 60 other students is not going to win you any friends. Got a question about the material that can be answered in five minutes or less, ask it. If not, there are office hours for a reason


The final keener is the student involved in everything; law show, LSA, energy law, intramural sports, the list goes on. If there is a club for it, they are involved. Additionally, they always want to sell you on their pet club today. The joke is on them, however. Come February, when all their involvements catch up with them, they are going to resemble the walking dead.


I’ll be the first to admit that my worldview isn’t ubiquitous. frankly, nor should it be. I’m a grouchy old coot, but If you’re reading this chances are you’re either living your 1L experience or reminiscing about it. I’m sure we can agree on this: in the flurry of garbage being thrown at you, the people you meet, the things you see, there are just some of them that absolutely rub you the wrong way. I humbly present for your consideration: the 1L bleeding heart.


Oh, so you want to go out and make completely selfless positive change in the world? You want to save poor starving kids in Africa or Honduras from neoliberalism and disease? You want to swoop down and help those poor souls who can’t afford legal advice purely out of the goodness of your heart? Let me tell you, that illusion shatters (not that anyone believed you anyway) when you start pushing people out of the way to talk to biglaw lawyers at Career Day. Do us a favor: stop floating around on your cloud of self-righteousness because at the end of the day, you came to law school for a job, just like the rest of us.


However, I can’t hate on you too much. After all, I was idealistic too at some point. What happened to me? I wanted to be an astronaut pioneering space travel for future generations. Now I’m in law school. See how far I fell? You might want to gingerly step down.