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Icarus, You Have Nothing on Donald Trump

Has the great Don, the God-King himself, and the foremost self proclaimed billion-dollar man flown too close to the sun during his tenure as “America’s most-wanted interviewee”? I, of course, refer to the leading Republican presidential nominee of the United States, Donald Trump.

The Republican frontrunner shot out of the gates in this presidential race, quickly locking down popular vote according to every national poll. One can argue that his rise is unprecedented. Certainly he “Trumps” any candidates’ rise to popularity in modern election history. The question is, has he soared too high too quickly?

Like our dear mythological friend, Icarus, Mr. Trump is destined to fall from his great heights because, at the peak of his popularity, he showed 23 million pairs of American eyes his true colours, that he is not fit to lead their country on the international level.

During the September 16th GOP debate, Trump revealed his inexperience on all issues related to foreign policy. Amid this section of the debate, Trump stood silent for 33 minutes, while his Republican contemporaries scrambled to one-up each other in a battle for who could be the most hardcore. In the end, former Hewlett-Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina rose to the top of the extremist heap.

Generally, she was determined as overall debate victor, but what really shined was her grasp on foreign policy issues. She had solid, well-reasoned thoughts on many issues regarding ISIS and the Middle East. This is bad news for Trump, as now he is the only candidate who has not provided any sort of clear take on real foreign policy issues. Before the debate, Fiorina was in the same boat as he was; lots of private sector business experience to provide a solid economic basis with no real understanding regarding international politics. However, now she has removed the façade that candidates from the private sector are incapable of having thoughtful plans regarding international diplomacy.


Trump is now alone and can no longer blame his lack of political experience for his misunderstanding of fundamental issues regarding America’s position in this international climate. I believe this is the beginning of the meteoric fall of Trump’s campaign. Much like dear Icarus, Trump flew too close to the Sun, and without substance holding his campaign wings together, he is destined to fall. His fall, as he would put it, will be “huge”.