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Democratic Primaries

The Presidential primaries are heating up in the United States as we move closer to the New Year.

While the Republicans have been getting most of the attention due to a large field and the constant antics of Donald Trump, the Democratic race is becoming quite interesting in its own rights. Hilary Clinton, seen as the frontrunner and safe choice to become the nominee, has been hammered with numerous scandals and has seen her lead shrink in many states to the self-described socialist, Bernie Sanders.

Further complicating things has been the rise of Vice President Joe Biden in the polls.  Despite not having officially launched a Presidential bid, many pundits see him as Clinton’s replacement if she is unable to put her scandals behind her.

Currently the national polling average has Clinton at 43.3%, Sanders at 25.1%, Biden at 17.4%, former Senator Jim Webb, former governors Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee all at less than 1%. However, in Iowa (where the first primary takes place) the gap between Clinton has narrowed to 11% and in New Hampshire, Sanders is up 10% on Clinton. The national polls could quickly change if Sanders wins a state or two in the early primaries and has momentum swing his way.


The total wildcard of the whole process is Joe Biden. If he jumps into the ring, not only would it be a continuation of the Clinton-Obama dispute from 2008, but it could split the support from the Democratic establishment between Biden and Clinton. Bottom line is this: Donald Trump may be dominating the headlines for now but the Democratic primary could prove to be just as interesting and entertaining in the days to come.