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1L Bloopers: Tales from Upper Years

Dear 1Ls: please don’t be scared. You might be a little overwhelmed right now and everyone keeps telling you how important this class/event/volunteer work is for your career; your reputation starts now! But remember, everyone messes up sometimes. Here are some stories to prove it. We all survived and you will too!


I was at the Alberta Law Review luncheon talking to some people I’d only just met. Somehow, I hit the bottom of my paper plate and my mini sandwiches went flying. Two professors picked up garlic bread for me while I apologized profusely. There was ranch dressing on my jacket. I left so fast.

At the end of the year I managed to refer to one of my female moot judges as “My Lord”.


I participated in the Dentons competition last year. It was my first law event, so I went and bought new high heels. Worst decision ever. By the time I got home that night my feet were literally bleeding and I had to wear sandals for the next couple days because I couldn’t put my actual shoes on.


Hell, everyone knows I can’t remember names to save my life. It’s an ongoing embarrassment but people are very, very forgiving.


At the behest of a few upper years I drunkenly did the worm at the Law Show kick-off party at the start of the year. Said upper years proceeded to compliment me on my rear end (no shame–I know how to show off my best assets). This elegant dance move was of course mentioned in Canons of Construction’s article on the event the following week.


I was heading towards my criminal law midterm and was just about to walk in when someone came running out from my cohort. She told me she’d forgotten her criminal code. That’s when I realized I hadn’t brought mine either. Luckily I lived on campus because I only had 15 minutes before the midterm started.


I grabbed coffee during class break. Steve said, “Have a good rest of class” and I said, “you too!”


I went to Europe over the Christmas break with my boyfriend. Before leaving, I asked him to send me a list of what WE needed to pack. Instead, he sent me a list of what he was bringing. On this list, it said ten pairs of underwear. So I’m sitting in Constitution with Lewans and I start counting on my fingers under the desk to figure out how many days we’re going to be in Europe… it was fifteen. The perplexed look on my face must have been very noticeable because Lewans stopped the class and asked me if I was confused. I sheepishly said, no but I wanted to say… Yes, my boyfriend isn’t bringing enough underwear to Europe!


I remember feeling like I failed my contracts midterm – immediately went and drank more than I should. Turned out just fine.


The Career Day info session was coming up. The email said that if you plan to attend, wear formal business attire. And that’s how I became the only person at the info session to be wearing a hastily-bought suit.


I write my exams through the university’s disability services. For one of my midterms, I was halfway through writing the exam when I realized the professor had sent the wrong exam to the disability services office – it was the exam from the previous year! My invigilator had to accompany me across campus to the Law Centre, where we participated in a frantic conference call between the Dean of Law and my professor, who was at an airport! Luckily, they found a copy of the correct exam and I was finally able to write it.