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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Ruck N’ Roll, It’s Rugby Season!

Joey Redman (2L)   October is one of the greatest months of the year for sports fans. Baseball playoffs are happening, football is in full swing, north and south of the border, and the NHL season is starting up with the Oilers looking to continue with their aggressive 28 year rebuild strategy. Despite all this […]

REPORT: Flagrant Cheating at Aiding and A-Batting

Nick (Totally Not Bitter) Todd (2L) My fellow students, we have been cheated, bamboozled and hoodwinked by our so-called “champions” the nefarious crew of swindlers known as Show Us Your Bunt. While some have attributed their victory to the fact that they are superior athletes, the wool is not so easily pulled over my eyes. […]

Fantasy Football, It Will Change You

Christina Roth (2L) Fantasy Football is a fun way to compete against friends and a “valid” excuse to ignore homework on Thursday nights, Sundays, and Monday evenings because you “have” to watch the games. There are some great things about playing fantasy sports. For example, I knew nothing about football until four years ago and I can now discuss and debate about players, teams, etc. It’s great fun […]

Pray You’re Not One of These People: 1L Types Edition

Elizabeth Robert (1L); Aaron Duong (1L) Law school is generally a haven for the enormously keen but there are those amongst us who take excitement for the law to new heights. They are even doing things previously unseen in my undergraduate classes, such as the kids who ask questions ONE MINUTE before classes end, and […]

An Open Letter to the Sneezing, Coughing People Who Sit Beside Me

Dear sick girl in class: I know you. I have been you. You look like hell. Your hoodie is stuffed with Kleenex, you gave up on make-up, and you haven’t washed your hair in days. You have three different drinks in front of you. Germs are dripping off your fingertips and no, no, you may not […]

Democratic Primaries

The Presidential primaries are heating up in the United States as we move closer to the New Year. While the Republicans have been getting most of the attention due to a large field and the constant antics of Donald Trump, the Democratic race is becoming quite interesting in its own rights. Hilary Clinton, seen as […]

Icarus, You Have Nothing on Donald Trump

Has the great Don, the God-King himself, and the foremost self proclaimed billion-dollar man flown too close to the sun during his tenure as “America’s most-wanted interviewee”? I, of course, refer to the leading Republican presidential nominee of the United States, Donald Trump. The Republican frontrunner shot out of the gates in this presidential race, […]

National Committee on Accreditation

This fall, the Law Faculty welcomed its first group of NCA students – a program approved by the National Committee on Accreditation, whose purpose is to allow people who completed their law degrees outside of Canada to become accredited to practice law in Canada. The program includes a mixture of first and second year required […]

Patrick Kane: Hysteria and the Media

Stefan Delblanc (2L)   For those who were unaware, Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks was accused of sexual assault early in August. Details have remained somewhat sketchy as the District Attorney continues its investigation and the media circus covering the story have circulated unsubstantiated claims.   A couple of weeks ago I agreed to […]

“The Death of Relationships”: Ashley Madison, Tinder, and My Return to Singledom

Hailee Barber 2L   The Ashley Madison hack concluded this summer with a very public relationship massacre at the hands of the internet and a few million cheating spouses.  Romantic, no?  As I watched it unfold I wondered how social media and technology have changed the way we date.   Of course, my questions were […]