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Rebuttal to Drink, Sir, is a Great Provoker

Iain Walker (3L)


I was dismayed to read Mr. Farooq’s opinion piece in the last issue of Canons. While I cannot speak to his experience at Admitted Students Day, I can speak to what Mr. Farooq characterizes as U of A’s “party culture” and some of the mistaken assertions made about the LSA.


While it is true that events involving alcohol form a significant portion of the LSA’s social calendar, we organize a number of events that do not involve alcohol. For instance, neither El Hacko (the annual golf tournament) nor the Lawspiel Bonspiel (the annual curling tournament) inherently involve alcohol. While some students choose to imbibe at these events, they do not revolve around alcohol. In addition, the LSA organizes two Kids’ Movie Nights as well as a Kids’ Christmas Party–none of which involve alcohol.


It’s no secret that I vehemently disagreed with the Faculty’s reaction to the ski trip. On this, Mr. Farooq and I agree. I do, however, disagree that a “wet” space in the building has harmed students’ professional development. The Gavel has been in use for many years and alumni often speak fondly of their memories at TABS and FABS. What Mr. Farooq deems an unprofessional party culture hasn’t prevented these very alumni from becoming highly respected practitioners and professors.


Our law school’s culture of collegiality is what sets us apart. We may lack what schools like Osgoode Hall and U of T can offer in terms of curriculum, but I wouldn’t trade the friendships I have made here for anything. Whether those friendships were formed in class, through sports, or at one of the LSA’s events, I know they will hold me in good stead over the course of my career–especially in a legal community as small as Edmonton’s.