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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Law Girl/Law Guy: Law Show Edition

Seanna Lawrence Which law show group did you belong to, and what was your position? I was co-director of the singers along with, my partner in crime, Bethan Franklyn. Describe your group in one word. Talent.  Favourite rehearsal memory? Hands down, my favourite rehearsal memory was watching the talented Mark Jordan work on his moves. […]

Ski Trip Opinions: Yay, Nay, or Meh?

Editors’ Note: All submissions are anonymous. “While the ski trip does not reflect well upon our Faculty, I don’t believe it will have any lasting impact. That being said, as a matter mere human decency, I am dismayed by the behavior of some of the students who went on the trip. The standard of behaviour […]

A Review of the New PAW Centre

Thomas Walker (2L)   The Muscle Lab, The Church of Iron, The Castle of Quads, The Muscle Mansion, The Squat Shack, or the gym. Whatever you may refer to it as, U of A has built a brand new one. The PAW (Pretty awesome workouts, or something) Centre was finished in December 2014. It replaces […]

NHL Teams Up with GoPro to Bring the Action to You

Paul Grenon (3L) The NHL recently announced that it would be partnering with camera maker, GoPro. This partnership seems to be a logical one as referees began wearing “ref cams” earlier this year, and goalies have been wearing cameras on their helmets during All-Star games for years. In my opinion, this deal will be great […]