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Law Girl/Law Guy: Law Show Edition


Seanna Lawrence

Which law show group did you belong to, and what was your position?

I was co-director of the singers along with, my partner in crime, Bethan Franklyn.

Describe your group in one word.


Favourite rehearsal memory?

Hands down, my favourite rehearsal memory was watching the talented Mark Jordan work on his moves. His spirit can’t be matched. I would tell my singers: if you forget the lyrics or the dance moves, no problem! The most important thing is to have Mark Jordan’s spirit while doing it.  

Advice to future students thinking about joining Law Show?

Do not hesitate for one single second about joining Law Show. Although it takes commitment, it is so worth it. I’ve made lifelong friendships from Law Show, and met people I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten a chance to know so well. I’ve never heard anyone in three years of Law Show say, “Man, I wish I had done something else with the time I put into Law Show.” If time is something you are concerned about, there are certain positions that are less intensive than others such as helping back stage or outside the show. But, no matter what, do yourself a favor and get involved!  

Why should said students join the singers instead of the actors/dancers/band?

Each group is amazing in their own way. But you should join the singers because our typically small group allows us to really get to know each other and form solid friendships. I could tell you something personal about each one of my amazing people. (Don’t worry, singers! I won’t.)

I used the word “talent” to describe the singers earlier, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be an all-star to apply. What I meant was that the singers gave it their all for the good of the group. Even when it was outside the singing requirement, like all that choreography. (Thanks team!)

We also had some people who preferred not to have any solos, which is very okay, or other skill sets such as rapping or creepily whispering “timber.” (Thanks boys!) All in all, whether you just sing in your shower, epically jam out to the radio in your car, or are part of a formal group, there is always room for anyone interested.


George Wong

Which law show group did you belong to, and what was your position?
The band. I was band director, bass player, and arranger.

Describe your group in one word.

Favourite rehearsal memory?
Charlie’s face at the first rehearsal, when she was finally playing her viola again after eight years. That’s what being in the band is about. It’s about the joy of getting together with your friends and creating something beautiful. It’s a great way to work out the artistic side of your brain, and feels so refreshing after a long week of legal thinking.

Advice to future students thinking about joining Law Show?
If you’re thinking about it, do it. There’s room for everyone, and it will probably be the biggest bonding experience you will have in law school. Law Show is a family, and there’s nothing else like it.

Why should said students join the band instead of the actors/dancers/singers?
If Law Show was the Titanic, then the band would be in the fancy cabins at the top of the ship. We get a lot of respect. Our equipment is expensive. We wear nicer clothes than anyone else, and never get sweaty. We also have a great view of the show!