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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Law Girl/Law Guy: Moot Edition

Law Girl: Adrienne Funk Which moot did you take part in and why? I was fortunate to be selected for the Bowman National Tax Moot, which took place at the Federal Courts in Toronto on Friday and Saturday, February 27th and 28th. I chose the tax moot because I wanted the challenge of a national […]

Exchange Terms, Course Planning, and Career Planning

Professor Joanna Harrington   During reading week, I had the good fortune to visit the University of Western Australia in sunny Perth. Australia and Canada share a legal heritage and legal culture, and the state of Western Australia shares many similarities with the province of Alberta, with UWA offering courses in mining and natural resources […]

Law Students for Access Together

Elizabeth Grzyb (1L) Law Students for Access Together (LSAT) would like to thank students and staff for attending our first event and for an engaged and interactive audience! We had over 30 attendees and would like to thank you for making our first event such a success! LSAT was proud to be able to host […]

Law Students Dedicated to Resolving Disputes

Matthew Gordon (3L)   Resolve is the U of A law school’s dispute resolution club. It is virtually brand new. It meets every second Thursday to provide a forum in which law students of all years can discuss negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and related issues.   Almost every session has students playing activities and […]

The Alberta Law Review Wants YOU!

Adrienne Funk (3L)   Do you have a passion for citations and editing? Does the idea of legal scholarship get your juices flowing? Or do you just want to get more involved here at the Faculty? Then the ALR is the place for you.          The Alberta Law Review, often referred to as the ALR […]

Litigating a Common Law of Justice – One Case at a Time

Litigating a common law of justice – one case at a time   Sanjana Ahmed   I first learned about the Death Penalty Project (DPP) in Professor Harrington’s International Human Rights Law course this Fall. While watching the video about the organization and its accomplishments, I was captivated by how just two people could make […]

Rebuttal to Drink, Sir, is a Great Provoker

Iain Walker (3L)   I was dismayed to read Mr. Farooq’s opinion piece in the last issue of Canons. While I cannot speak to his experience at Admitted Students Day, I can speak to what Mr. Farooq characterizes as U of A’s “party culture” and some of the mistaken assertions made about the LSA.   […]

Landscapes of Injustice

Manjot Parhar (3L)   In 1942, Canada enacted mass displacement and dispossession of Japanese-Canadians on racial grounds. Over 21,000 people suffered the consequences of this moral failure. They were interned and uprooted from their homes, their properties forcibly sold. As a result, Japanese-Canadians had no homes to return to when the Canadian government lifted its […]

Drink, Sir, is a Great Provoker

Mustafa Farooq (3L) When I first got into the U of A law school, I distinctly remember the early orientation presentation. (I think it was in early March, before the deposit registration deadline.) Here I was, surrounded by hundreds of other students who had also just got in, and I was ready to be motivated […]

Do You Need to Fear the Fearon?

Leri Koornhof (1L) You may have heard some nerdy 1Ls joking about cell phone searches incidental to arrest (SITA) and the famous incriminating SMS that sounds like a line from a terrible Carbolic spoof rap. Do you Fear the Fearon? I don’t… but that’s because I lock my smartphone. Oh, and also because I don’t […]