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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Carter v Canada: Assisted Suicide Debate

Against Assisted Suicide Karsten Erzinger (1L) The issue of physician-assisted suicide is soon to be decided by the Supreme Court of Canada. While it is unclear how the SCC will rule on this matter, the current case has once again brought the question of physician-assisted suicide to the forefront of Canadian discourse. Should Canada legalize […]

What Now? Post Market Modifier Approval

Scott Meyer (3L), LSA President As many of you are aware, on December 22, 2014, the Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education approved our faculty’s market modifier proposal. In total, the Government of Alberta approved twenty-five market modifier proposals from 10 different institutions. This in stark contrast to 2010 when the Government of Alberta only […]

The Exchange Chronicles: The Perks of Studying Abroad

Nakul Bhatia (3L): Prague, Czech Republic Most memorable moment? It was probably all my friends and family that came to visit throughout my exchange. I had friends from Calgary, my cousins, my parents, and Kismat and Faiz come to Prague and I ended up being a de facto tour guide. Also, the beer in Prague. […]

Law Girl/Law Guy: Hockey Edition

Law Girl: Sarah Graham Which team do you play for and what position? I play for Swift Justice, usually at centre, but positions don’t really exist on Swift Justice. Describe your team in three words. Lots of spirit. If you had a team mascot, what or who would it be? Steve Hughes. He’s calm, cool, […]

Two Sides of the Coin: Should You Bring a Date to Carbolic?

Sarah Harvey (1L)   If years of reading YM and being forced to watch endless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy do not make me qualified to write this article, then no amount of formal training would. That being said, I suggest you take my advice with a grain of salt, because it will make it much […]

Why He Runs

Jim Jeffrey (2L)   Editors’ Note: This article has been published with Tim Young’s permission. He never was much for running…or really, any, physical activity for that matter. In fact, back in his early days, he would spend countless hours fixing computers, taking breaks only to play online chess with his fellow ITers. But ever […]

Judicial Appointment for the Honourable Wayne N. Renke

Joshua Samac (2L)   Late in the midst of the 2014 December exam season, U of A law students were surprised to learn that Vice Dean Wayne Renke (as he then was) had been appointed to the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. If not already heard, we wish him resounding and collective good wishes and […]

Dear Raptors Fans, Please Be Patient

James Park (2L)   The 2013-14 season marked a return to relevance for Canada’s basketball team, the Toronto Raptors. The arrival of General Manager, Masai Ujiri, along with the improved play of Kyle Lowry and DeMar Derozan led to the Raptors’ first playoff berth since 2008. Although Toronto would go on to lose in 7 […]

The Oil Experience

A Disgruntled 3L Fan   Rexall Place ‘crack beer’ – $9. Oilers season tickets  – $1400. A rare Edmonton Oilers win against the Western Conference Chicago Blackhawks – Priceless. After yet another season in which the fans’ mentality switched from optimism to “when is the draft?” by November – less than a quarter of the […]

The Seahawks: Eternal Underdogs

Tyler Tober (3L)   I should hate the Seattle Seahawks. I should hate their (sometimes) obnoxious mouthpiece, Richard Sherman. I should, being the politically correct guy I am, hate Marshawn Lynch’s crotch grab celebration and general disdain for authority. I should hate their annoying conspiracy theorist head coach, Pete Carroll. (I do generally dislike the […]