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While the show itself is still several months away, the cast and crew of Harry Lawter are hard at work. In fact, many students began preparing shortly after last year’s show wrapped up. They wrote the fabulously funny script over the summer, picking their brains for as many law puns and pop culture references as possible.

Fast forward to the school year, and things get even more intense. Braving the weather, the actors, singers, dancers, and band rehearse every Sunday to perfect their respective crafts. Behind the scenes, the production and theatrical committees spend hours working on crucial components of the show, including costumes and the silent auction. Like previous years, this collective effort will ensure the show is a great success.

But why wait until February? Canons sits down with Lisa Little, Jim Jeffrey, and Tess Layton to provide you with an exclusive sneak peek at this year’s show. (There’s an Olaf in Harry Lawter? And a Don Draper?! Remember: you heard it here first.)


Lisa Little (3L), Media and Promotions Chair

Describe your role as Media and Promotions Chair.

I put together the promotional materials for Law Show. These materials include the posters and programmes. I am also responsible for the signs acknowledging the sponsors.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I get to be one of the first people to see the really pretty poster art!

What do you find most challenging about your role?

Getting the most up-to-date information in time for printing. This means that I have to bother other people for information that they, in turn, end up bothering other people for. It can be a big, messy, and bothersome cycle.

What are you most excited about this year?

Seeing the videos they come up with this year.


Jim Jeffrey (2L), Actor

You play both Batman and Don Draper. Which character do you prefer?

I like playing Don way more! Playing Batman hurts my vocal chords. I also like the fact that I play two very cool characters that the ladies love. I like how when I play Donald Draper I don’t really have to act. And who wouldn’t want to dress up in a slim-fitting 60s era suit?

How do you plan to prepare for these roles?

For the role of Don, I plan on re-watching all the Mad Men seasons (sorry, grades!) and drinking lots of scotch. Glefidich, no! Glenlivit. Lots of Lucky Strikes will be smoked as well. For Batman, I’ll have to watch some Youtube montages of Christian Bale screaming at Heath Ledger.

Have you been involved in Law Show before?

Yes. Last year, I played the Atticus Finch – the Foundational Pillar of Truth and Justice. I was lucky enough to play one of the minions as well.

What is your favourite part of Law Show so far?

I haven’t had too many opportunities to meet the first year students. Law Show offers me a chance to meet them and get to know more people. It is also really fun and eye-opening to see law students in a more comfortable and open setting. (You people are crazy.)

What is your least favourite part of Law Show so far?

Doing yoga in my jeans. Thanks, Andrea.


Tess Layton (3L), Costume and Makeup Director

Why did you want to do the costumes for Law Show?

Although I’ve never had a strong affinity for acting, singing, or dancing, I have always wanted to be a part of Law Show. Since I have always been into costume preparation, such as making my own Halloween costumes, I figured it would be pretty fun to try my hand at the costumes for Law Show!

How much time and preparation goes into the costumes?

This year, there are approximately 80 characters in Law Show played by just over 40 actors. Brittany Biollo and I interview each actor and put together a document, which outlines the features of their associated costumes and props. We have budgeted about three to four days to complete our costume shopping, and I fully expect to be hand-making some of the costumes over the holidays! We will, then, be making and adjusting costumes in the weeks leading up to the performance.

What is your favourite costume from a past Law Show?

Last year, I was the Assistant Costume Director for Alawddin, where we had an amazing Khal Drogo costume for Luke Johnson. At the time, I didn’t really watch Game of Thrones so I wasn’t sure how it would all come together but, in the end, it looked pretty cool. Poor Luke had caked-on makeup all over his face and black streaks (Khal Drogo’s tattoos) all over his body.

What is your favourite Harry Lawter costume?

Many of the costumes are still coming together, but I would have to say that, so far, it’s Olaf (a walking talking snowman) and The Sorting Hat (a tired, old talking hat). Both of these costumes will likely need to be made from scratch.