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El Hacko Golf Tournament

Jeff Daniels (1L)


On September 19, Edmonton’s least prestigious and most raucous golf tournament, El Hacko went down at Victoria Golf Club. Organized by the LSA, and sponsored by Borden Lander Gervais (BLG), El Hacko was once again a smashing success. 132 Law Students hit the links to showcase their skills and test their alcohol tolerance on a frigid fall day.  

Four-person teams played an 18-hole Texas Scramble. Balls were lost, egos bruised, and when the dust settled a team of unassuming 1L’s, dressed as a Mariachi band reigned victorious. Fueled by Captain Morgan and the red-hot putter of Nadia Haymour, the team posted an impressive score of 57.  

Other teams posted less impressive scores but attempted to bridge the gap between them and the Mariachi band through will power, warm coffees, and some entertaining costumes. A 2L team of gentlemen, led by the duo of Matt Cowan and Cody Ackland, went for a breezy summer dress look, which generated admiration for the teams’ ability to ward off the cold, as well as their pursuit of high fashion on the golf course. The summer dresses stood in sharp contrast to the team that decided on much more weather appropriate costumes that consisted mostly of flannel and jeans. The lumberjack look appeared to be both warm and stylish, and was certainly the envy of several other, less warmly dressed teams.   

The warm clothing came in handy for several golfers who organized an impromptu long drive tournament immediately following the end of their round, in order to settle a few arguments that had developed on the course. Fueled by the heckling of the crowd and several beverages, 3L Rodney Perkins left no one in doubt that he was the longest driver on the day.  

Following five grueling hours of shouting, shot-gunning and fist-pumping, the golf tournament was relocated to Central Social Hall, a much more familiar setting for most students. Prizes were awarded for hole-competitions, lowest score, and most importantly best dressed.

After the awards reception, students were bussed to the Law Centre where they were given ample time to lace up the skates with the Tortfeasers, hit happy hour at the Ratt, or take a much needed power nap in preparation of the after party at The Ranch.

Five things we learned from El Hacko:

1) Alcohol keeps you warm.

2) Golf is a game of integrity debauchery.

3) Don’t underestimate a team of 1Ls dressed as a Mariachi band, but feel free to chastise them after the round.

4) At least once a year, 7:30 am is the perfect time to party.

5) The El Hacko trophy holds exactly 48 ounces of beer.

We would like to give a huge thanks to BLG for sponsoring, the LSA for organizing, and all the participants responsible for making El Hacko such a memorable event. Looking forward to seeing everyone out again next year!