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Yule Ball/Law Show Kickstarter


James Park (2L) 


There was music. There was alcohol. There was a jolly drunk who would soon be cast as Hagrid. The first ever pre-Law Show party was held in the Gavel on September 26th, and the event was a bit hit! Known for putting on the greatest show on Earth and hosting the wildest cast-party known to man, Executive Directors Cobi Dayan and Chaylene Gallagher decided to make it a trifecta by adding this new event to its line-up.

Earlier in the night, there were concerns circulating about the potency or lack thereof in the butter beer and potions being sold to the future stars of Harry Lawter; by 11:30 pm, all such concerns were quashed. As LSA favourite, Iain Walker sauntered through the halls of the Law Centre, law librarian extraordinaire Kathryn Griffin was seen peer pressuring 1Ls and 2Ls alike into doing an elegant dance known as “The Worm.” In addition to the aforementioned madness, games of flip cup and unsanctioned dance-offs broke out, adding to a night of Hogwarts meets Law debauchery.

Also seen that night was the Queen of the Law Show Singers, Seanna Lawrence. Proving once again that she belongs at the top of the Law School Fashion Food Chain, Ms. Lawrence rocked a combat inspired outfit, simultaneously looking good and supporting the troops. In related news, VP General Mark Jordan was seen looking presentable. 

Lost in the festivities of the evening was the first ever meeting of the two Dave Fosters. Upon being mistakenly bombarded with messages of support and “I voted for you!” texts, 2L “Cool Guy Dave” chose to end the madness by arranging a face-to-face with “New Guy Dave.” Despite rumours of the statement “There can only be one!” bellowing through the building, the two Daves maintain good faith and promise to have an amicable relationship moving forward. Unfortunately, this new relationship took its first hit mere hours later when the wrong Dave Foster was once again, showered with congratulatory words upon the announcement of the 1L Rep LSA election results. 

Although the stars were out in spades, the man of the hour was undoubtedly the unforgettable Joshua Samac, Assistant Acting Director to the talented Andrea Steen. The self-proclaimed “Best Understudy Ever” was seen promoting the show, pounding shots, and true to form, speaking in extremely long sentences. When asked what aspect of the production he was most looking forward to, the soon to be cast Draco Malfeasance replied: “At the granular level, the show is a reflection of the human condition within the confines of the legal profession, but more specifically a microcosm of what can be expected in a firm. The fantasy that is Hogwarts rings true to all of our hearts, and my esteemed colleagues and I are expending an immense amount of energy to help take everyone on a magic carpet… or should I say a racing broom ride to the wizardrous world of Harry Lawter.”

If this party is any indication, the production of Harry Lawter should be a blast. Congratulations to all of those that will dance, sing, and act into our hearts. The rest of us muggles look forward to seeing the show!