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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Yule Ball/Law Show Kickstarter

James Park (2L)    There was music. There was alcohol. There was a jolly drunk who would soon be cast as Hagrid. The first ever pre-Law Show party was held in the Gavel on September 26th, and the event was a bit hit! Known for putting on the greatest show on Earth and hosting the […]

The Articling Chronicles

Katherine Johnson Student-at-Law, Alberta Motor Association When I was anxiously applying for prospective articles after my second year of law school, an in-house position was a compelling but seemingly impossible option. I contacted the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) on a friend’s suggestion and could not have found a better fit to combine my legal interests […]

Miss Chiff: Halloween Candy and Costumes

Dear Miss Chiff, Since I’ll be without my parents for Halloween this year, I thought I would hand out candy. At what point is it acceptable to give up on kids showing up and eat the candy myself? – Count Chocula   Dear Greedy Gabby, Ah, yes! An age-old question. It is critical in this […]

4 Things You Did Wrong as a Thanksgiving Guest

Matthew Ramos (1L) Matt, Thanksgiving Day is already over; why do I need your advice? First off, you’ve already started to read my article so you’re basically committed. Second, if you’re still calling it Thanksgiving Day, then I know you have already made a fatal error; this is not a ‘day,’ it is an EVENT. […]

What I Did Wrong at My OCIs

Jonathon Austin (2L) The Pre-Interview Coffee The post-lunch lull. We’re all familiar with it. I should have known better. A foot-long meatball sub followed by a Booster Juice seemed like a brilliant idea at the time; I was famished from my morning interviews. By the time my food-induced coma kicked into high gear, there were […]

Two Sides of the Coin: Tinder Etiquette

Anonymous 3L Male What are you looking for on Tinder? My Tinderella.    What is your Tinder approach? I see Tinder as very convenient. With our busy law school schedules, it can be difficult to meet people. Tinder exposes you to 1000s of “potential matches.” While Tinder gets ripped on because of how shallow it […]

Batters Up!

Russell Mann (3L)   Beer, baseball, and burgers. This combination alone makes for a great September afternoon, but combined with near-record temperatures and two busloads of eager law students makes for an incredible event that won’t be soon forgotten.   This year’s Aiding and Abatting slo-pitch tournament, hosted by the Grad Committee, consisted of 10 […]

Golden Bearristers Maul Alumni

Riley Graydon (3L)   The Golden and Panda Bearristers hosted another successful alumni weekend earlier this month. On the night before the big game, the Alumni were up to their old tricks, hoping to feed us enough Jäger to even the playing field for the Saturday morning game. To their surprise, we were prepared for […]