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How to Make Your Digs Spook-tacular this Halloween

Tess Layton (3L)


As law students, we have a ton of spare time to decorate for Halloween. And we all have beautiful, expensive mansions, and an unlimited budget to work with. I personally have been browsing Pinterest, Instagram and my favourite blogs to prepare for this article for months. I am hoping you are sensing the sarcasm by now… but if I just described you, good for you; you just solved law school. For the rest of us sorry lot, it’s time to take one last stab at normalcy before things get crazy around here. Here are a few time-saving, budget friendly decorating tips to get you on your way.



If you were “The Drunk Tank” for Halloween as a 16-year-old, then this Halloween-inspired cooler is definitely for you. Pumpkin carving is fun and everything, but really it’s so messy and everyone just wants to get drunk so… let’s skip the power tools and let the carving of werewolf-biting-off-Count-Dracula’s-head-backlit-by-the-moon dream die. This is simple, and cheap. All you need is a large pumpkin (larger pumpkin = more chilled beer), a knife, a spoon, ice, and, of course, beer.




If you don’t mind spending a little bit of time and getting creative, you should try your hand at these adorable wine bottle jack-o-lanterns. You will need some wine bottles (empty or full), orange and green spray paint, masking tape, a Sharpie, and an X-Acto knife. First, soak the wine bottles to remove their labels. Let dry. Place a small strip of masking tape at the bottom of the neck, and spray the rest green. Let dry overnight. Remove tape from the neck. Cover the face of the bottle with tape, and draw jack-o-lantern faces. Cut away the excess tape, leaving the face tape in place. Spray the bottle with orange spray paint. Peel off the tape once dry, and you’re done! These also make great hostess gifts for those of you who still have (non-law) friends who throw classy parties!


Big Spender

As I always say, go big or go home. But, seriously, you could just go home to your parents’ house; they’ve probably already decorated, so what’s the point of even trying if it’s not AMAZING? Although Frankie is the most expensive ($150, Home Depot), he is also the fastest and easiest option for Halloween decorating. Time is money. This spooky guy stands stall at 12’ so you’ll need a yard, or a top floor/unobstructed balcony and preferably no frat houses or hoodlums in your neighbourhood. 



Happy decorating!