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Golden Bearristers Maul Alumni


Riley Graydon (3L)


The Golden and Panda Bearristers hosted another successful alumni weekend earlier this month. On the night before the big game, the Alumni were up to their old tricks, hoping to feed us enough Jäger to even the playing field for the Saturday morning game. To their surprise, we were prepared for this. Law school had been training us for this exact scenario; a simple hangover was not about to slow us down.


The next morning, we met at the field ready to cheer on the Pandas and continue our four-year winning streak against the Olden Bearristers. With one blow from celebrity referee Professor Percy’s whistle and a flubbed dropkick, we were underway.


In the first half the Bearristers scored three tries, with 8-man Slippery Steve Morrison and flanker Precious Princess Paul Kolida capping off two powerful drives from the forward pack. Mediocre Matt Scrivens added to the total with a great individual effort off of a stolen lineout. Despite not having a place kicker, both Coy Conor Fleming and Pilon Daniel Pilon slotted three successful conversions adding to the lead.


In the second half, the alumni were down two of their most skilled players. Scrum-Half Alex Fay and Fly-Half Mike Decore were both injured and not able to continue. Despite this, the alumni put on a strong charge. Three times they came within five meters of the try line and once even managed to cross it, before knocking the ball forwards before scoring. Slippery Steve added another try before exclaiming to no one in particular: “They should call it an end-zone, not a try-zone. I never have to try, but I always end up there.”


In the end, it was the Golden Bearristers drinking out of the coveted alumni trophy. The team held off a valiant second-half effort from the alumni through solid defence and teamwork to finish the game 26-0. Paul got his first taste from the golden boot, and Juggernaut Joachim Chau anchored the undefeated boat race team to another victory. Players and fans then met at the Pint for the best tradition rugby has to offer, a post-game pint with teammates and foes alike.


Both the Pandas and Golden Bearristers are now preparing for their final challenge, the Western Canadian Law Rugby Tournament hosted in Calgary on October 18, 2014.