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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Whither the U of A: The Market Modifier

Mustafa Farooq (3L) As the summer of 2014 wound down, the debate around the U of A market modifier began to pick up. Students took brave and impassioned positions on both sides of the debate; petitions were organized, and the LSA was asked and eventually acquiesced to organize a town hall meeting. Students’ Union executives […]

Opinions on the Market Modifier

Why the Faculty Should Impose a Market Modifier Iain Walker (3L) Iain Walker serves as VP Social for the LSA. A market modifier (MM) is a tool, used by the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta to bypass restrictive tuition regulations. MMs provide flexibility to ensure that certain faculties and degree programs remain […]

Law Guy/Law Girl: LSA 1L Reps

1L Rep Guy: David Foster Why did you join the LSA? During my undergraduate years at the University of Victoria, I served in a number of student leadership roles which involved advocating for students’ interests. As a student with a disability, I have found that university policies do not always take our needs into account. […]

Murder Mysteries on All Hallow’s Eve

Lindsay Turnbull (3L)   Where can you go to see a law student, pretending to be a dragon, questioning the ghost of a wampire (vampire-werewolf hybrid) about his death? Or Loki accusing a time traveler of demon slaying? My place, if you pick the right night. Once or twice per semester, I host a murder […]

How to Make Your Digs Spook-tacular this Halloween

Tess Layton (3L)   As law students, we have a ton of spare time to decorate for Halloween. And we all have beautiful, expensive mansions, and an unlimited budget to work with. I personally have been browsing Pinterest, Instagram and my favourite blogs to prepare for this article for months. I am hoping you are […]

Brimacombe Marks the Beginning

Manjot Parhar (3L)   Named after Jim Brimacombe, a highly respected Edmonton lawyer, the Brimacombe Moot is the means for selecting upper year students for competitive moot teams. Specifically, students compete to gain a coveted spot on one of the following moot teams: Alberta Court of Appeal, Bennett Jones Health Law, Clinton J. Ford, Davies’ […]

Ending the Silence on Mental Health Issues

Praveen Alwis (3L)   Lawyers consistently rank near the top of lists measuring depression, anxiety, and stress amongst occupations, as well as demonstrating disproportionally high rates of substance abuse. And yet, based on how silent we’ve been on the subject, you would think the legal profession’s problems with mental health issues barely concern law students […]

CLAIHR’s Second Annual Fall Lecture

Mustafa Farooq (3L)   In 2013, Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights (CLAIHR) hosted Moez-al-Khatib, the past President of the Syrian National Council, and Dennis Edney, QC, to speak at our events. This year, we want to continue that work by inviting Senator Raynell Andreychuk to speak at our second annual fall lecture. Senator Raynell […]

Funding Justice: Why Legal Aid Matters

William van Engen (3L)   “Would it be possible to have a copy of the big book with all the rules in it?” Paul Lionel White was 18 years of age when he was forced to represent himself at his own murder trial. With only a Grade 9 education, Mr. White was expected to call […]

Career Day Reflections

Anonymous 2L   I don’t think I’ll ever forget my first Career Day experience. I went because I was told it was important, ended up as the only 1L at the table with firms that exclusively hired 2Ls, and pretended to know what “securities” law was. The few things that I remember worrying about were […]