VP General – Mark Jordan (3L)

My name is Mark Jordan, and I am VP General of the LSA. I am from big city Victoria, BC and am a huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coloured pants, and 90’s television shows. This year I hope to bring more awareness to mental health, make classrooms in the Law Centre available exclusively to law students during exams, and work towards our Faculty being part of the University’s fall reading week.


VP External – James Park (2L)

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Faculty of Law! My name is James Park, and I have the privilege of serving you as your VP External. A little about me: I’m a 2L from Ontario, a die-hard Dallas Mavericks fan, hot yoga enthusiast, and a lover of breakfast foods. As for my portfolio my focus is on electoral reform, recruitment, tuition, mental health and student integration. Most importantly, the LSA executive is here to make the exciting yet daunting transition into and through law school as seamless as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and I look forward to meeting all of you.


VP Academic – Greg Prizent (3L)

Hello all. My name is Greg Prizent, and I am the VP Academic. This next year, I’ll be adding new CANs to the database as well as working on our website to allow for feedback on the quality of the CANs. I will also be sitting on the Law Faculty Council and Curriculum Committee and will be working towards better communication between students and these groups. Throughout the year, you’ll be seeing calls from me for feedback on academic issues. On a more exciting note, look out for the annual Jeopardy tournament happening next semester!


VP Services – Winta Asefaw (3L) & Dharam Dhillon (2L)

Winta and Dharam first began collaborating a few summers ago as a multicultural rap group that focused their musical talents towards raising awareness about immigration difficulties. After multiple failed singles, they decided to abandon their dream of a world without immigration barriers and joined the LSA. As your VP services, their main duties include obtaining sponsorships for LSA events and the Who’s Who. They are also responsible for LSA registration and are here to provide you with any other services you may need or desire.


VP Social – Iain Walker (3L) & Hersh Gupta (2L)

Hi there, everyone. Hersh and I are your VPs Social for the year! Our job is to plan and coordinate a large portion of the numerous social events for the Faculty. When we’re not planning LSA-run events, we’re doing our best to facilitate planning for other groups, clubs and committees including Law Show, SLS and many others. In the past, VPs Social have concentrated almost solely on traditional drinking/bar events and this is something that Hersh and I are going to try to change this year by adding events like tobogganing and ice skating in Hawrelak Park. Keep your ears open and we hope to see you at one of our events!


VP Sports – Ariel Lekas (2L) & Steve Morrison (3L)

Hey sports fans! We are your Sports VPs for the 2014-2015 school year. We organize the annual golf and curling tournaments, and facilitate and register all of the law teams in the University of Alberta Recreation Services intramurals. We generally have great participation from our student body, and would like to enter as many teams in as many sports as possible this year. If you’re interested in any sports that we don’t currently offer or haven’t mentioned, please let us know. Signups will be online this year, and we will be sending out information emails soon. See you on the field/court/pitch!