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Women’s Law Forum: Fighting for Equality One Cupcake at a Time


Brianne Larochelle (3L)

Women’s Law Forum (WLF), at the University of Alberta, is one of the Faculty of Law’s oldest cause-based clubs. It is a group for law students of all genders who believe in equality before the law and equal treatment for everyone. We’ve dusted off our soapbox and are ready for the 2014/2015 year! 

WLF hosts many speaker events on current and often provocative legal topics, such as the changing prostitution laws, international laws on child marriage, and men and feminism. We will continue to invite knowledgeable community members to speak at the U of A this year.

WLF also holds popular fundraisers, many involving delicious food! We continue to stimulate funds through our (somewhat controversial) bake sales. Held at least twice a year, WLF’s members are invited to bake scrumptious goodies for the Faculty of Law to purchase by donations.

WLF’s newest event is a “Minute-to-Win-it” competition. There are cash prizes, and the remaining money goes to sponsorships or other WLF events. Last year, we donated money for maternity beds and supplies, birth certificates, and medical appointments to “Because I am a Girl Canada.”

In conjunction with Pat Neil of the Career Services Office, the WLF assists in organizing the annual “Candid Conversations with Women in Law” luncheon that enables law students to have open and frank discussions about what it is like to be a woman in the legal profession today (again with great food!).

In addition, the WLF has a long-standing relationship with Kindred House in Edmonton, a safe place for female and transgender sex trade workers. This relationship was established about 8 years ago, and includes the annual Christmas Hamper Drive where the clients of Kindred to receive thoughtful and practical Christmas gifts.

The WLF promotes and participates in the annual Person’s Day Breakfast, which celebrates the Person’s Case decided on October 18, 1929, where women were finally considered persons under the law and able to sit on the Senate. There is a guest speaker, and breakfast is provided. The WLF also works with LEAF (Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund) and the ‘No Means No’ campaigns.

As for commitment from law students, the WLF has varying levels of participation. We have a very large general membership who come to our group meetings held a few times each year. For those interested, we also have more involved positions on our executive board. If you would like to be on the general membership email list or would like to be more involved, we’ll have a booth on September 9 for Clubs Day and we’d love to talk to anyone with questions. You are also free to e-mail us at anytime at

Our goal is to create a welcoming, safe environment and an always-growing network of current law students and alumni. We anticipate another event-packed, information-loaded, and sugar-filled year and we are looking forward to meeting everyone as the year progresses!