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Monthly Archives: September 2014

OUTlaw: Providing a Safe Space and Advocacy

Andrew Lawrence (2L) The University of Alberta chapter of OUTLaw helps create a safe, positive atmosphere for LGBTQ+ law students and staff at the Faculty of Law. Our group is for all students interested in legal issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of how they identify.  In addition to our regular meetings where we discuss […]

Environmental Law Students’ Association

Jacob Marchel (3L) The Environmental Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is a student group that has existed here at the U of A, in some form or another, for almost 20 years. The ELSA aims to promote environmental awareness within the Faculty of Law. ELSA sponsors guest speakers representing diverse viewpoints on pressing environmental issues, endeavours […]

Women’s Law Forum: Fighting for Equality One Cupcake at a Time

Brianne Larochelle (3L) Women’s Law Forum (WLF), at the University of Alberta, is one of the Faculty of Law’s oldest cause-based clubs. It is a group for law students of all genders who believe in equality before the law and equal treatment for everyone. We’ve dusted off our soapbox and are ready for the 2014/2015 […]

Mental Health and Wellness Committee

Sasha Lallouz (2L) The LSA Mental Health and Wellness Committee (MHW) is a new initiative to the Faculty of Law. The committee was formed in June 2014 by students who have understood, struggled and persevered through law school’s tough times, and want to see every student succeed in their first, second and third years of […]

The Lowdown for 1Ls

James Park (2L) 1Ls! Welcome to the City of Champions! Every city large or small has its hotspots and hidden gems; Edmonton is no exception. Although it can be easy to confine yourself to the bubble that is the Law Centre, we, at Canons, highly recommend that you make every effort possible to branch out […]

Miss Chiff: Precious CANs and Pizza Lunches

Dear Miss Chiff, My law boyfriend and I broke up recently. How do I avoid awkwardness on campus and at all the law events? -Looking for a Replacement   Dear Lonely Girl, Awkwardness post law breakup is easily avoidable in law school. You and your new ex are both mature adults who know you must […]

Law School Sports Teams

The Law Swim Club – aka The TORToises Cobi Dayan (3L) Are you a master procrastinator? Think you can actually get some work done in your hour-long break between classes, but then find yourself mindlessly watching NASCAR highlights in the Gavel? Wish you could find the motivation to exercise, but no one is there to […]