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Mental Health and Wellness Committee


Sasha Lallouz (2L)

The LSA Mental Health and Wellness Committee (MHW) is a new initiative to the Faculty of Law. The committee was formed in June 2014 by students who have understood, struggled and persevered through law school’s tough times, and want to see every student succeed in their first, second and third years of law school.

Our goal is to improve students’ quality of life by reducing stress and raising awareness of key issues that affect mental health. We are holding events at the Law Centre to help students stay motivated, nutritious, and physically well and have a laugh when law school pressure is weighing them down.

We’ve got a line-up of amazing speakers who will inform you of mental health issues, such as anxiety and stress, and where to go for help. This year, students can look forward to stand-up comedy nights, free yoga classes, meditation seminars, massage sessions, nutrition week and a mental health rally!

Get more information and stay up-to-date on upcoming events by joining the MHW Committee or by liking our Facebook page at We are looking for new members this year to get involved in these fantastic events, so stay tuned for more on how to join!

Feel free to contact Co-Chairs Winta Asefaw (3L) and Sasha Lallouz (2L) with any questions.