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Law Show: Come Have a Lawta Pun

Chaylene Gallagher (3L) and Cobi Dayan (3L)

Hellloooooo U of A!

We’re sure you’ve already heard about Law Show. We’re guessing you have. We’re hoping you have? This is one of the ultimate things to do during any year at the Faculty for a few reasons:

1. You meet people. Cool people. Like us.

2. You can be involved in one organization in dozens of different ways: acting, dancing, singing, band, videos, production, tech, you name it.

3. Your commitment is not outrageous – generally no more than a couple of hours a week and usually way less than that (depending on the type of volunteering).

4. The parties (ask around).

5. THE CHARITY. We raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity every year. This year we begin our three-year commitment to YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support Services) here in Edmonton and we want you to help us hit $50,000! That money will go directly to young people in the community needing help through difficult times; this is a worthy cause that’s very important to us at the U of A.

All in all, this is an incredibly fun way to become involved in your faculty. Most people who try Law Show consider it the best experience of their three years here. We’re serious. You can check with other people. Go into an interview with Law Show on your resume and almost any U of A grad will begin to reminisce (note the not-so-subtle plug for all you career-oriented types). You will make some of your closest friends in the show and its surrounding fun activities. The two weeks leading up to the performance are some of the most incredible, fun, outrageous days we’ve ever had.

This year, Law Show is going to Hog– I mean, Lawgwarts. For many of you, this is a familiar story. Young man, raised by jerks, suddenly gets a visitor and learns the true source of his scar, shaped curiously like a gavel… Wait, what? Yes, that’s right. 2 and 3Ls have spent all summer (seriously) writing a full script and choreographing and scoring a musical selection for a BRAND NEW magical adventure. This is not J. K. Rowling. This is not a purely legal adventure. This is a genius (we think, but we’re biased) mashup of a literary classic, pop culture, and outrageous comedy. Last year, there were tears (of laughter). There was pain (from laughing). This year is better. And we don’t even have our most important element yet: YOU.

Who is the ‘we’ throughout this article? We are Chaylene Gallagher and Cobi Dayan, Executive Directors of Law Show 2015. We are your contacts for any questions or volunteering (which you can also do at Clubs Fair on September 9). Contact us anytime: and For 1Ls and exchange students, we hope your first couple of weeks aren’t too overwhelming and for upper years, we cannot WAIT to see you back! Let’s make this the best Law Show yet!