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The Law Swim Club – aka The TORToises

Cobi Dayan (3L)

Are you a master procrastinator? Think you can actually get some work done in your hour-long break between classes, but then find yourself mindlessly watching NASCAR highlights in the Gavel? Wish you could find the motivation to exercise, but no one is there to give you that push? The Law Swim Club – aka The TORToises – is here for you. Our primary objective is to provide a means for law students to get a full and effective cardio workout in less than an hour – DOOR TO DOOR!

It’s extremely difficult for law students to find time to stay healthy and fit. The Law Swim Club provides a supportive group environment that will push you to maintain a healthy exercise schedule. There’s no membership fee and no commitment. Come twice a week, once a month, or once a year; use this this club is as much or as little as you want!

We meet outside of the law lockers and walk down to the pool together. This semester’s swim times are TBD, but look for us at Clubs Fair for more info, or find us on Facebook.

At each session, members will focus on their own personal goals, whether that’s improving stroke, technique, lung capacity, endurance, or speed. We welcome swimmers of all levels, be it doggy-paddlers or triathletes. Cobi Dayan, the Club’s president and former swim coach, is available to provide personalized workouts and stroke correction to any interested members that will assist them in reaching their personal goals. See you in the pool!


Golden Bearristers

Riley Graydon (3L)

The Golden Bearristers Rugby Club is the University of Alberta Faculty of Law’s largest sports team. Founded in 1994, the Bearristers personify hard work, camaraderie, and a commitment to each other, both on and off the field. Rugby practices and games commence at the start of the fall semester, and offer a fantastic opportunity for incoming 1Ls to meet and network with returning upper year players. Despite playing in the fall, the Bearristers organize various social events throughout the academic year to promote participation and faculty wide support within the club.

Perhaps above all, the Golden Bearristers Rugby Club facilitates networking between current and past players. The Rugby Club allows current students to meet or reconnect with Law alumni as they host an annual alumni game held in Edmonton every November. This annual weekend long event ensures time honored traditions are passed on to incoming club members, as well as acting as a networking event for current students to socialize with future colleagues. Join the Facebook group or email for more information.


Litigators Hockey

Riley Graydon (3L)

Litigators Hockey has become a great way to play the greatest sport on earth in a friendly team environment without having played Sidney Crosby in a previous career, having your teeth knocked out or being in shape in any way. All skill levels welcome; if you can skate, you can play. Joining the team is a great way to meet your fellow students and alumni.

You don’t even need to have all the equipment, just bring your skates and a stick and you can rent the gear that you need from Recreation Services at the Van Vliet Centre. One of the major highlights of the year for the Litigators is the alumni weekend that is traditionally held in Banff, and features pond hockey, friends, and a few beverages as well. Come on out and give it a try! Contact Riley Graydon at for more information.


The Tortfeasors

Steve Hughes (3L)

The Tortfeasors Hockey Club plays in the top division offered through the Campus Recreation intramural ice hockey league. Beyond representing the most attractive collection of students in the faculty, this team offers a great networking opportunity for the players. Various events throughout the season allow players to meet Tortfeasors alumni, who are now lawyers in several prominent firms across Canada, and form important relationships with the other players that will continue well into their careers. Some events include the Dale Masson Western Canadian Law Hockey Tournament, the notorious Alumni Weekend in Red Deer, and Hockey Night in Law.

The Tortfeasors generally recruit at a fairly competitive skill level, with last year’s roster including OHL legend Patrick Oulette, and CIS heartthrob Matt Scrivens. To even out the skill level, however, the team also featured complete pylons like myself and Paul “Scotty Nieds” Grenon. This year, tryouts will be held immediately after the El Hacko golf tournament (details below): 2:45 pm at Clare Drake Arena. We fully encourage a high degree of alcohol consumption during El Hacko, as an important skill we look for is the capacity to play hockey while inebriated. Regardless of your intention to try out, we welcome all manner of player to join us on the 12th for a leisurely scrimmage.

For more information regarding the Tortfeasors, please visit our booth this Tuesday, September 9 during Club Fair. Alternatively, you can contact me (Steve Hughes) at 780.292.5644, or


Panda Bearristers

Bryanna White (3L)

The girls are back! Yes, rugby is not just for men. Women’s rugby is getting up and running and we’re looking for players from all years. Yes, it’s not too late for the 3Ls to join up or too early for the 1Ls. No experience is necessary, and beginners are absolutely welcome!

Meet some amazing women. Try out a new sport. Start the term off with a bang. Our season ends in October, so get ready for two months of fun. We have the opportunity to play quite a few games this season, including a game against our illustrious alumni and games against other law schools.

Check us out at club’s fair on Tuesday, September 9th. We will be having a meeting and “intro to rugby” at the law centre on Wednesday, September 10th…more details to follow. Our first practice will be on Thursday, September 11th at 5:30. We will meet at the couches at 5:10.

Come out and give it a try, and get ready for some serious fun!

Contact us at


Swift Justice

Sarah Graham (3L)

Be a part of the swiftest game on ice! Swift Justice welcomes girls of all skill levels to join the women’s hockey team.  Whether you’ve never laced up at pair of skates, figure skated, played ringette, or are a superstar hockey player, this will be the most fun you will have all year.

Swift Justice plays approximately five games per semester, with no boring practices, and the season ends well before exams start. Hockey equipment can be rented from the university for free. All that you are required to bring is a stick and skates! If you are not quite sure how hockey even works, and why everyone is yelling “offside” at you, we have a terrific coach this year, whose expertise is sure to bring valuable help and encouragement to the bench.

He is also available to tie your skates before the game, if you aren’t quite sure about that either. Swift Justice faces off against fearsome opponents from faculties such as nursing, education, forestry, and medicine. Win or lose, a post-game tasty brew in the locker room is sure to cap-off an awesome game. Joining the team is also a great way to get to know girls from all years and create lasting friendships.

If you have any questions or would like to join the team, please feel free to contact this year’s Co-Captains Sarah Graham at or Candice Kinal