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Alberta Law Review: Welcome Back to School, Nerds!

Adrienne Funk (3L)

The Alberta Law Review (ALR) wishes to extend a welcome back to all our upper year veterans, and also congratulations to our fresh-faced 1Ls: this year is going to be great!

Another welcome is owed to our new Co-Editors-in-Chief for the 2014-15 school year: Peter Buijs and Shad Turner. The ALR is in good hands with these two capable and intelligent men.

Peter and Shad had a busy summer. In July, they attended the annual Jasper Seminar hosted by the Canadian Energy Law Foundation. The papers and speeches delivered at this conference will be published in a special issue of the ALR before January. This special issue is always an annual highlight for the journal, as it promises unique insights into the current legal landscape of the energy law industry.

Make sure you check out this issue in the library, or through Quicklaw or HeinOnline, as it includes commentary on case law and legislative updates in the field. This is particularly relevant to those taking, or with an interest in, an oil and gas law, or energy law course, or to any civic-minded Albertan who knows the importance of this prominent sector to the economy.

The most recent edition of the ALR was published in July. It features the proceedings of the Future of Law School Conference held last September here at the University. Our Faculty of Law is well represented in this edition: Professor Eric Adams wrote a compelling introduction, and Professor Peter Sankoff wrote an awesome article on the flipped classroom. Check it out and support our own!

Our next edition is also a special one celebrating the centennial of the Court of Appeal of Alberta. In it, we honour our province’s highest court with great submissions from esteemed judges, practitioners, and academics.

On a final note — we have moved! No longer are we located in the quaint Stevenson House, just across the street from the Law Centre. Instead, our new office is located in the John A. Weir Memorial Law Library, just in front of the service desk. We are planning an open house to bid adieu to our beloved Stevenson House and to thank the Faculty, University librarians, and the Law Society of Alberta who helped make the move possible. The ALR is excited to recognize our past and toast our future with this event.

Good luck this year law students, and remember to have fun!