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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Law Girl/Law Guy: Professor Edition

Law Prof Guy: Professor Eric Adams Pet peeve in law students? Law students at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law are always perfect in every way. Don’t change a thing, law students. Not a thing. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.   3 words to describe how you were as a law student: Movie-obsessed, studious, intermittently wry. […]

What Did Law Students Get Up To This Summer?

The International Advocate: Danni Chu In case all of you haven’t been inundated with my obnoxious Facebook posts enough, this past summer, I interned at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. I worked in the Administrative Law Section (ALS); half my time was spent in the Disciplinary Section and half my time was spent […]

How to Lose Friends and Influence Profs to Fail You

Teri Treiber (3L)   1Ls: Welcome to the wonderful world of law school, where the classes are hard and the drinks go down easy. As you may have learned already, upper year students are eager to impart wisdom upon you.   Some of this advice may be terrifying. Some may be exciting. Some may be […]

Law Show: Come Have a Lawta Pun

Chaylene Gallagher (3L) and Cobi Dayan (3L) Hellloooooo U of A! We’re sure you’ve already heard about Law Show. We’re guessing you have. We’re hoping you have? This is one of the ultimate things to do during any year at the Faculty for a few reasons: 1. You meet people. Cool people. Like us. 2. […]

Clubs, Clubs, and More Clubs!

Aboriginal Law School Students Association Teresa O’Krane (2L) The Aboriginal Law Students Association (ALSA) supports a variety of Indigenous cultures from Treaty to Metis to Inuit. We are, however, not limited to these cultures as we welcome all students to join ALSA and participate in cultural events to learn more about Aboriginal people and the […]

Two Sides of the Coin: Class Conduct

Jonathon Austin (2L)  If I’m 30 minutes late for class, do I still attend? If you were 30 minutes late to court would you still show up? Absolutely not. Judges love self-represented litigants and hate being interrupted. Same rules apply for class. Unless you have found a cure for cancer or are coming from tea […]

President Meyer’s Welcome Message

Scott Meyer (3L) Hey Everybody!!! The Law Students’ Association (LSA) is so thrilled to welcome the class of 2017 to our charming little community. For those of you who don’t know, the LSA executive serves as your official representatives to the Faculty’s administration, the Students’ Union, and the greater legal community. We are also responsible […]

Your LSA VPs

VP General – Mark Jordan (3L) My name is Mark Jordan, and I am VP General of the LSA. I am from big city Victoria, BC and am a huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coloured pants, and 90’s television shows. This year I hope to bring more awareness to mental health, […]

Student Legal Services of Edmonton

Angus Cheung (3L) Student Legal Services of Edmonton (SLS) is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low-income individuals in Edmonton and the surrounding area understand their legal issues and solve their legal problems. For over 45 years, students from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law have volunteered with SLS in our four projects. […]

Alberta Law Review: Welcome Back to School, Nerds!

Adrienne Funk (3L) The Alberta Law Review (ALR) wishes to extend a welcome back to all our upper year veterans, and also congratulations to our fresh-faced 1Ls: this year is going to be great! Another welcome is owed to our new Co-Editors-in-Chief for the 2014-15 school year: Peter Buijs and Shad Turner. The ALR is […]