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The 18th Annual Lawscars

The Academy (3L)

Cave of Wonders – try Cave of Talent. That’s what U of A Law is, yup. Alawddin featured Jafar, Iago, and minions (what?!?). The Academy announces its winners for Law Show 2014.

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male): Cobi Dayan. Killed it again. It was the perfect amount of ASS: awkwardness, sweetness, and sass.

Best Actor in Another Leading Role (Male): Keerit Jutla. Nuff said.

Best Surprise Breakout Actor: Iwan Davies. He dedicated himself to Spiderman – the guy wore spandex on stage for gawd’s sake. He deserves a shout-out.

Honourable mentions: The three elves: Paul Kolida, Jon Watson, and Luke Johnson. Hi-ho indeed.

Best Actor in a Lead Role (Female): Andrea “VOLUME” Steen as Jasmine. Jasmine has never looked better as a blonde!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female): Erin Townley. Who didn’t love Raja Downer?!?

Best Affable, a Bit Dumb, and Loveable Characters: Abu, played by Ben Seigel, and Carpet, played by Dave Lloyd

Best Eye Makeup: Erin’s eye makeup deserves its own award. ‘Nuff said again.

Honourable Mention: Keerit Jutla’s eye makeup as Jafar.

Female Actor Who Dedicated Herself to Her Costume and Twerking: Kelly Starrack

Best Non-Acting Acting: Amy Yeung. AAAAARRRRAAAAGH!

Best On-Stage Chemistry: Keerit Jutla and Nick Williams.

Honourable Mention: Athyna Slack and Luke Johnson. I wish he’d grab me that way!

Best Swag: Evan Kirker as the Biebs.

Best Prop: Miranda Bokenfohr’s big lightsaber.

Best Lumberjack Chic Look (even as Donald Trump): Joshua Samac.

Best Octave Range: Alysha Rozon.

Best Costume (Female): It’s a tie: Sanjana Ahmed as Princess Wal-Mart and Kelly Starrack as Miley Cyrus.

Honourable Mention: Andrea Steen – more costume changes than a Britney Spears performance.

Another Honourable Mention: Jill Wheat’s Mary Poppins. Her costume went down like a spoonful of sugar!

Best Male Costume: Kahl Drogo.

Honourable Mention: Adeel Mulla’s Genie.

Last Honourable Mention: Nick Williams’ beard – no, no, not Jasmine! I mean the beard on his face.

Best Unknown, No-Name Character with the Biggest Arms: Stephen Dam.

Best Director: Adeel Mulla for Alawddin. Buy him a shot at Carbolic!

Best Acting Director: Erin Townley for Alawddin.

Best Screenplay: Surprise! It’s Alawddin.

Best On-Stage Sister-Wives and Hubby: Natalie Cuthill, Lesley Bowen, and Mark Jordan. Next year, we should have brother-husbands characters.

Best Song: It would have been a Whole New World. But we’ll settle for “All These Things that I’ve Done.”

Best Singing Director: Renée Bolianatz.

Best Singing Assistant Director: Seasea Bloom.

Best Solo: Fraser Genuis.

Best Music Director: Steve Hansen. If you’re lookin’ for some hot stuff, baby, he’s your man.

Best Fight Scene: Jon Watson and Chris Darwish. Pew-pew-pew!

Best Dance (or something like it): The ladies’ dance and the man dance.

Best Dance Move: The one where the guys get horizontal. What can I say? The Academy has a strong, heterosexual female voice.

Best Dancer: All of them! Especially the ones who are not so confident in their dancing because they just look so gosh darned cute.

Best 3L Dancer: Max Oleksinski.

Best Dancer Guest Appearance: Adeel Mulla.

Best Choreographers: Lisa Martens, Courtney Sarsiat, and Candice Kinal.

Best Guest Choreographers: Allison Mitic, Jillanna Sehn, Brice Goldfeldt, and Steve Morrison.

Best Singer: All of them! There were some powerful female voices ringing out.

Best Guest Appearance: Dean Bryden.

Most Noticeable Missing Actor: Mario Babic. He bribed me into including him again, even though he’s not even in this year’s play. The Academy is forever rife with corruption…