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He Said/She Said: Is Reading Week for Reading?

She Said: Try Reading this Reading Week

Bryanna White, 2L

Commonly, this question is answered with an emphatic, “absolutely not!” Reading Week is for going to the equator, the ski hill or back home (where – in a perfect-yet-completely-fictitious-world mothers do laundry, cook dinner, and the sun shines in Vancouver). Revolutionary though it may sound, life is more enjoyable when a percentage of your “free time” over the break is spent, um, reading.

I’m not suggesting anything traumatic like coming to an empty law school. But maybe after your super-awesome-and-entirely-justifiable trip to the Telus World of Science to see the Harry Potter exhibit, you could squeeze in five pages of Public Law Practice or Techniques in Negotiation. And after you’ve gone cross-eyed from watching three seasons of Game of Thrones and eating all the food in your fridge, you could write an introduction to your paper or go grocery shopping (and shower…definitely shower).

Reading Week is the ideal time to relax, catch-up on some sleep (or work on your ability to stay up for 72 hours without hallucinating) and detox (or build up your tolerance). However you choose to spend it, your stress will be greatly diminished if you take a few minutes here and there for edification.

Naturally, this is optimistic. However, we are still in the top half of the New Year. As such, resolutions will persevere until at least…oh, it is February, never mind…

Regardless, consider doing something different this Reading Week and read.


He Said:  Your Reading Week Expectations don’t Match Reality 


Reading Week-Expectations vs. Reality

After Thanksgiving, November reading break, and Christmas it can be hard to get back in the swing of things. Thank goodness for February reading week! After experiencing at least 6 of these in my life I can say that they don’t always turn out as planned. Sure, we all have grandiose plans, but these rarely come to fruition. So how do we picture reading week and what actually ends up being the result? Read on to find out!

Expectation #1:

Probably the main plan that people have for reading week is going on a trip. Picture warm beaches, palm trees, and endless margaritas. You’re probably lusciously tanned and are suddenly awesome at beach volleyball. Or maybe you’re riding down a snow covered mountain and ending your day drinking wine in a hot-tub. Either way you’re definitely not starting your paper and you are relaxing and recharging.

Reality #1:

Trips are nice but they have one major downfall. They cost money, a lot of money. What’s better is that now that you’re in professional school you probably have loads of debt! This doesn’t exactly equate to a 5 star getaway. If anything you’re probably doing an all-inclusive where the food is ok and you may or may not get food poisoning. Don’t worry though, soon enough you’ll be a lawyer and the real trips can being (if you have time).

Expectation #2:

If you’re taking a more serious approach to reading week then maybe you think you’ll get a start on your paper (or at least do all of the research) and start canning for those particularly difficult classes. When April comes around and everyone is panicking you’ll be reviewing those beautifully bound CANS along with making healthy dinners and attending yoga practice to keep your stress level manageable.

Reality #2:

Hahahaha. First you’ll say, it’s only the first weekend, I’ll start on Monday. Then when Monday rolls around you’ll say you have all week and maybe you should see that friend you’ve been ignoring or see a movie. When Thursday shows up you’ll say, I have the whole weekend! Finally, when Saturday arrives you’ll say screw it, and probably spend your last precious hours watching Netflix and recovering from an inevitable hangover.

Expectation #3:

You’ll finally get your apartment in order, takes some clothes to Goodwill, and go for that jog you’ve been thinking about since October. When you start school again everything will be organized, your fridge will be full of fresh food, and you’ll have gotten that much needed fresh air.

Reality #3:

You come home on Friday and dump all of your books on the floor. Then you hit the couch because you deserve it. Relaxing leads to more relaxing and before you know it you have to go back to school and your laundry basket is still full.

Don’t be ashamed, it happens to all of us; best not to set the bar too high. Happy Reading Week!