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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Potential Deans Take the Podium

Jordan Lefaivre (3L) Natasha Edgar (3L) William Peachman (1L) Last week the Faculty of Law hosted three candidates for the soon to be vacant Dean’s position.  Each candidate had the opportunity to speak to faculty and students.  Each of the candidates had a unique perspective regarding the role of Dean at this law school. The […]

Olympics Opening Ceremony 2014: Fashion Police

Catherine Scott and Natasha Tames (3L) Scotland Natasha: Such a tragedy that the handsome male athletes couldn’t partake in the opening ceremonies due to their kilts. I feel cheated and saddened. Catherine: Obviously Lord Voldemort of Russia is not gay, otherwise he would understand why those of us attracted to manly bits need to see […]

Law Show Guy, Law Show Girl

Danni Chu What position do you have in Law Show this year?  Nicki Minaj. I feel like I was born to play this role. What made you decide to sign up for Law Show?  I was actually going to be a dancer but I tore my ACL over the summer so I picked acting instead. […]

LSA To Move Ahead with Opt-Out

Adeel Mulla (LSA President) On March 5th and 6th the Law Students’ Association (“LSA”) will hold an online referendum to determine if students would prefer for their LSA membership fees to be collected through Bear tracks.  In other words, if the referendum is successful, a $50 charge would be levied on every student that is […]

He Said/She Said: Is Reading Week for Reading?

She Said: Try Reading this Reading Week Bryanna White, 2L Commonly, this question is answered with an emphatic, “absolutely not!” Reading Week is for going to the equator, the ski hill or back home (where – in a perfect-yet-completely-fictitious-world mothers do laundry, cook dinner, and the sun shines in Vancouver). Revolutionary though it may sound, […]

Miss Chiff

Dear Miss Chiff, LinkedIn, facebook, the ‘gram; you name it I have it. But what I am really looking for is a unique way to attract firms. What do you think about snapchat? Looking for a job   Dear Looking for trouble, This sounds like an awesome idea! When I think of snapchat, the first […]

Incentives for Organ Donation in Canada: A Future Possibility?

Ariel Lekas (1L) Every year in Canada, approximately 4000 people need transplants. Only one third of those people will receive the organs that they need to survive. Experts at the most recent Health Law Institute Seminar Series
panel discussion weighed in on the ethical, legal, and economic factors involved in the possibility of incentivizing organ donation […]

The Not So Super (More like Well Below Average) Bowl

“The NFC Championship was the Super Bowl. The 49ers were the second-best team in the NFL.” – Richard Sherman Unfortunately for everyone watching, Sherman was bang on when it came to his post game assessment of this year’s Super Bowl. A Super Bowl that needed more bravado and less bore. It should not have been […]

The Inaugural Shinny Fest

Elliot Bridgewater (3L) There is nothing more Canadian than the rush of cold air on your face as you fly down the open ice at the local outdoor rink. That is, except for the fact that 20 of the most exceptional people in law school are out there with you, celebrating the most thoroughly fun […]

OCIs are here!

So the time has come for 1L OCIs. You have tried to squish the very best things about yourself into a little application package, or maybe just included everything you thought that a law firm would want to hear (like how the interests section of my resume doesn’t include make-up when, DUH! I LOVE make-up). […]