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Sneak Peek of Law Show 2014:

A brief tease from this year’s cast:


Band (Steve Hansen, 3L):  You might want to make sure your shoes are on tight when you attend Law Show 2014, because this year’s Law Show Band will knock your socks off! At 19 members, this year’s band has the biggest and fullest sound in modern Law Show history. It is a complete rock band combined with a small orchestra, a veritable force that makes the E-Street Band sound like a junior high jazz ensemble. So make sure to come to Law Show this year. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on some spectacular music performed by your fellow students. And by the way, don’t show up late! The epic-ness begins with the seating song. And it won’t stop until the end of the Killer finale.


Singers (Bethan Franklyn, 2L):  The Law Show Singers are bringing it like never before.  We will blow you away with our sensuous solos, dramatic duets and musical men. *And by men, I mean 7 heartthrobs who will inflame your passions with their ‘Hot Stuff’.  Let’s not forget about the lovely ladies whose sultry vocals will seduce any man into releasing these ‘Genies in a Bottle’. The law show singers have it all- they move, they groove, and they look good while doing it. Check us out at law show- we promise you won’t be disappointed!


Actors (Erin Townley, 3L):  This year’s actors may be the best crop I’ve seen in my three years at ye olde U of A. The 1Ls have busted out impressions and improv, the likes of which haven’t been seen since our dearly departed Brett Grierson’s first year. While the fresh meat are sure to impress, it is the first-timer 3Ls who, I believe, will send shockwaves of surprised delight through the eyeballs and earholes of audience members [spoilers: Keerit Jutla knows how to roll his “Rs” haarrrrrrd]. Our script draws from the best pop culture references, so if you’ve still haven’t had enough Rob Ford impressions, or are stubbornly clinging to the wrecking ball that is Miley Cyrus, do we have the puns for you! The calibre of raw talent, comedic timing, and physicality on stage this year is not to be missed, especially when you have the tantalizing visual of Adeel Mulla prancing around in scandalous Genie attire to look forward to. See you at the show!


Dancers (Lisa Martens, 3L):  After months of rigorous practices, the law show dancers have reached the top of their game. This historically rowdy group has expanded their repertoire to include tap, hip-hop, and burlesque, adding fun new elements to their performance. Jazz hands have been perfected, lifts have been finessed, and the hip thrusts have reached an entirely new level of pelvic glory. Whether its Taylor Swift quality hair flipping by the girls, or the boys exhibiting their “Hot Stuff,” this year (as always) front row seats will be a hot commodity, as the dancer’s strut their stuff at what is sure to be the best law show yet.