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Miss Chiff: Midterm Marks and Mooters

Dear Miss Chiff,

I got my midterms marks back, and YIKES! How do I turn it around from here?!?!?!

-       Hopeless in John Weir


Dear Don’t Panic Yet,

Breathe. I guarantee you a good chunk of your classmates are feeling the exact same way. Read, go to class, CAN as you go, and ask questions when you don’t understand. But perhaps most importantly, don’t forget about your fun activities, like reading Canons, creating “Miss Chiff” fan pages on facebook, and asking me for fair to middling life advice.


Dear Miss Chiff,

Us 1L’s have recently received our moot partner assignments. I am thrilled to announce that I got my dream partner! As well as things are going between us, my partner keeps asserting that we will need a 3rd party in the moot courtroom. I’m just not ready for an intervener! What is a budding tort lawyer to do?

-       Feeling Pressured


Dear Poorly Chosen Euphemisms,

Surely you are actually talking about your upcoming moot and factum, and not about some kind of proposition that your partner has made regarding your private time. Lemme tell ya this: what you and your partner do for “moot preparation” is your business. But as someone who has observed a few years of law school now, any “preparation” between you will quickly become public knowledge. Not to mention the palpable tension everyone will want to come watch during your moot.


Dear Miss Chiff,

The 1Ls get so much attention with their midterms, moots, and excitement that they actually made it to law school. The 3Ls get so much attention with their apathy, excessive partying, and looming articling plans. But what about us 2Ls? We exist too you know!

-       The Forgotten Generation


Dear Middle Child,

Awww, poor you! You’re sandwiched by summers, you still have time before you have to become a real grown-up and enter the real world :’(. But seriously. You are 3.5 months away from entering the glorious world of 3L. Work now to enjoy the benefits then. In the mean time, buck up and enjoy the position you’re in. Before you know it, you might be a sad, washed-up articling student reminiscing about the glory days of law school.


Dear Miss Chiff,

I like studying in the law-only room, but I find that I get a stern side-eye from other people when I just whisper a word or two. How do I tell them that a “silent room” doesn’t mean I can’t make even one little peep?

-       Rules are Made to be Broken


Dear Devil Incarnate,

The silent room is supposed to be silent. Completely silent, that’s what silent means. Use notes, or gchat or something if you need to talk to someone. Or, here’s a thought, go to the library to study.


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