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10 Lessons Learned From Ski Trip

By: Keerit Jutla, 3L

Ski Trip – A phrase that makes one shudder in excitement.  A phrase that causes one’s liver to swell in pain.  A phrase that invokes images of mountains, hot tubs, and glory.  As I write this article from Kicking Horse Mountain, Roger Rouault, sitting next to me on our couch in the fetal position, says the following: “Im never drinking again… well maybe a little… let’s get clamato juice… CEASARS FOR EVERYBODY!”  Shakespeare could not have said it better.

Organized by Rachael Hovan, Keerit Jutla, Candice Kinal and Allyson Hopkins, Ski Trip 2014 could be the best ski trip yet!  The first night included a “titeNbrite” ‘80s party that was one for the ages.  Congrats to Mike Stewart who was able to combine the scrapped “stampede” theme with “titeNbrite.”

For those of you who have not attended, here are “10 Lessons Learned From Ski Trip”:

  1.  A human being can survive 4 days on 12 hours of sleep, fuelled by Crown Royal, Red Bull, and Bacon.
  2. “Guys I’m pumped we didn’t get any room damages from that party we threw last night,” said no one ever.
  3. 1Ls – For the love of god, pace your liquor consumption!
  4. Caesars taste better at high altitude .
  5. Be strategic and patient with your morning –  you don’t want to get stuck making breakfast and bacon for everyone… some one else in your room will eventually crack first.
  6. Re the hot tub: “maximum occupancy” is merely a suggestion.
  7. The Ski Trip “walk of shame” is done uphill, and therefore also counts as morning exercise.
  8. A mysterious green cloud often follows groups of Ski Trippers.
  9. While I was thinking about what to write for this one, Roger yelled out  “I’m for sure still drunk.”  I think that suffices for #9.
  10. Each ski trip you go on gets better and better.  You will meet, bond, and become great friends with many of your fellow ski trippers.  These are memories you will talk about during and after law school, and something that you will always reminisce about.  Thanks to everyone who has made this an amazing trip both now and in the past!