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Monthly Archives: January 2014

JTT: Victim Fine Surcharge

Will van Engen (2L) The spectre of judicial discretion has yet again prompted the Federal Conservative government to enact mandatory minimum penalties to correct what it apparently feels are “soft” judges. In October of last year, the Increasing Offenders’ Accountability for Victims Act came into force and effect, removing the discretion of judges to waive […]

The Conference Championships and the Road to Super Bowl 48

The AFC Championship Uncharacteristically, the AFC Championship started off rather slow for a game that featured two highly offensively skilled teams. After a 1st quarter that opened with 3 consecutive drives ending in punts, Denver led 3-0.   Early in the 2nd quarter and away from the ball, Welker put a huge lick on former […]

Law Guy, Law Girl; New Year Edition

Nisha Interview Questions – Root for the Moots! What moot did you sign up for this semester and who are your fellow teammates? I signed up for the Kawaskimhon, learning with knowledge moot. My fellow teammates are Echo Bellerose, Erica Flater and Anita Thompson.   What was the application process like?  Any tips for future […]

An Afternoon with Kim Wilson

Athyna Slack As part of Canons address of “0L” this month, I went to Kim Wilson for some fact checking as well as some guidance on what exactly goes on behind the scenes for the Faculty of Law’s admission process. I knew this was among the busiest times of the year for Kim, but she […]

Sneak Peek of Law Show 2014:

A brief tease from this year’s cast:   Band (Steve Hansen, 3L):  You might want to make sure your shoes are on tight when you attend Law Show 2014, because this year’s Law Show Band will knock your socks off! At 19 members, this year’s band has the biggest and fullest sound in modern Law […]

Miss Chiff: Midterm Marks and Mooters

Dear Miss Chiff, I got my midterms marks back, and YIKES! How do I turn it around from here?!?!?! -       Hopeless in John Weir   Dear Don’t Panic Yet, Breathe. I guarantee you a good chunk of your classmates are feeling the exact same way. Read, go to class, CAN as you go, and ask […]

Let’s Improve Class Scheduling

Jordan Lefaivre 3(L) After a mix-up with my class timetable this semester, I thought it was time to explore some of the problems with the current scheduling regime.  The challenges in creating an effective scheduling system are numerous.  There will be drawbacks to any scheduling system.  Despite this, there is no doubt that the current […]

New Year, New You (sure sure)

Alright, it’s officially here; another year in which you can ‘start fresh’, whatever that means. It’s not like your life resets just because we write the date differently, but people take this as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Now for most people resolutions include things like getting in shape, eating clean, and going […]

The Real Feminist Cause Behind Bedford

By Mandy Kahlmeier The Bedford decision released December 20th 2013 struck down all three Criminal Code sections that indirectly criminalized prostitution. The finding that the ‘living on the avails of’ was overbroad is likely the only room that Parliament will have to re-legislate on, without making either the buying or selling of sex illegal. I had hoped that […]

Conflicts of Laws – Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Cameron Hutchison and Scott Meyer The curriculum committee is currently reviewing options pertaining to the future of Conflict of Laws 454 (“Conflicts”) as a compulsory course.  This article will start off by giving a brief background of Conflicts at this institution, followed by a discussion of three options available to the curriculum committee and the […]