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The Five W’s of the Dean’s Fellows

Mario Babic (3L)

In the face of crippling budget cuts, the Faculty of Law has instituted a pilot program this year: The Dean’s Fellows. This is just one of the parts of a broader academic and cultural support program being implemented this year.


The Dean’s Fellows program consists of a group of upper year students who hold office hours during which 1Ls can drop in to get answers about a host of issues. The main focus is providing a student perspective on the experience of law school. This can range from talking about study and reading habits, the hectic pace of law school, the new experience that is law school exams, to even offering help on basic questions that may arise in class. The questions, answers, and any discussions had are completely private and confidential between the students and volunteers.


The program is in place to help 1Ls integrate into the lifestyle of being a law student. This may come naturally to some, but traditionally many new students struggle with this change. Having an intermediary there to answer questions and provide a student perspective is an incredibly worthwhile asset. If students feel overwhelmed, this program is the easiest path to assistance and help dealing with stressful issues. Talking with someone who has walked the difficult path 1Ls are undertaking can provide valuable insight, and Dean’s Fellows can offer that, as well as be a conduit to further help if needed.


When the call for volunteers went out, the Faculty was overwhelmed by the response. Over 40 people volunteered their time to help, speaking to the depth and quality of the student body. This made the selection process no walk in the park, but six individuals emerged at the end!

Mandy Kahlmeier, Mario Babic, Christine Hittinger, Athyna Slack, Stephen Dam, and Paulina Zagozda.

All of the Dean’s Fellows are in their third year, with the exception of Christine who is a 2L.

Where & When?

Each Dean’s Fellow has office hours once a week, for two hours. Each 1L cohort has been assigned two Dean’s Fellows, meaning that there are four hours every week when students can drop-in to get help.

Cohort 1 has the dynamic duo of Athyna (Tuesdays: Noon – 2 PM) and Paulina (Thursdays: 10 AM – Noon).

Cohort 2 has the dangerous duo of Mandy (Mondays & Wednesdays: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM) and Stephen (Thursdays: Noon – 2 PM).

Cohort 3 has the dashing duo of Christine (Tuesdays: 10 AM – Noon) and Mario (Fridays: 9 AM – 11 AM).

These hours have been set during periods between classes to ensure accessibility to the students. These hours are only in effect for the first semester, and will likely change in the second semester to accommodate the changing 1L schedule.

Most Importantly!! The official location of the Dean’s Fellows office is room 110J. This is located in the ‘Decore Centre’ which is right across the hall from classrooms 105 and 113 on the main floor. Come see us today!

All information regarding the Dean’s Fellows program provided by Shannon Gullberg.