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Semester of Firsts for the Volleyball Teams

Samantha Stokes (1L)

Following a summer of beer league beach volleyball, I got thrown into the much more competitive indoor intramural league in September. I quickly found out it was a lot less beach and beer and way more volleyball.  With that, for each of the two volleyball teams I played on it was a semester of firsts.

In the women’s competitive league, it was the first time “You’ve Been Served” (very obvious we were the law team) had lost.  The team consisted of Sara Tebbutt, Kelsey Sinclair, Megan Hogendoorn, Chaylene Gallagher, Alysha Rozon, Danni Chu, Marianne Dunn and myself.  Unfortunately, in game one, we lost Danni Chu to a knee injury, which kept her out for the rest of the season.  Most of our games were within a few points (probably not because of me), except for the last night where we were short handed, due to a scheduling conflict with the Oil Kings game. As a result I think one game that night was a whopping loss of 25-5.  Ultimately, although the team made finals, they failed to show up for the final week of playoffs. Who know what could have been! Hopefully we can get back on the winning track next season, and go for the championship again.

In the second season of the semester, came another first.  The rec co-ed “Unprotected Sets” team actually won their very first game and three in total.  Coming off of a losing streak from last year, it was a very welcomed win.  Could this be attributed to the fact that we have saved our drinking for Hudsons after the games? Or was this winning streak the result of Keerit Jutla, Dave Cassins and Mark Jordan never actually coming to a game?

The first round of the playoffs were held on Thursday November 21, and we had a great win in the first set.  In the second set it seemed as though we were trailing by five points for most of the game, but we rallied in the end to finish only 2 points behind.  With a heartbreaking 17-16 score in the 3rd set, our season came to an end.  (I should probably mention that I was the one who shanked the ball that lost us the point, ending the season, oops.)  Regardless of my last play, I’m looking forward to adding to our 3 wins we have so far when we play again next semester.

Finally, the competitive co-ed rec team (also named “You’ve Been Served”) has had a successful season with their playoffs starting on Monday.  Led by captain Max Oleksinski, whom I have been told tends to grunt and dance provocatively whenever he gets a kill. I may have to see about subbing for that team so I can witness this first hand.