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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Champions at Last

Manav Deol (3L)                          The intermural championship has been ever so elusive for the law school Men’s soccer team. With no titles in recent memory, Law United finally looked poised to end the longstanding drought last season when they reached the outdoor soccer final. […]

November – Miss Chiff

Dear Miss Chiff Why is Miss Chiff so annoying? -       NK   Dear Pea Brain, I believe you’re confused about my true identity. Please review your sources, as they are obviously providing you with faulty gossip. If you knew who Miss Chiff actually was, your letter would probably read: “Dear Miss Chiff, How does it […]

Checking Up on the Canadian NHL Teams

 Calgary Flames   To be blunt, Calgary has no goaltending, which reflects in their 3.54 team GAA and dismal .880 save percentage. After waiving MacDonald, Calgary is praying Berra is the answer. Hudler is playing unsustainably well but at least Monahan looks good. The Flames are 5-6-2 and going nowhere.   Edmonton Oilers   Shouldn’t […]

Who Wants to be the next Dean?

U of A Law is looking for a new Dean. The students nominate their favourites… Nomination: Professor Acorn Athyna Slack (3L) A new Dean?! It is hard to imagine who can replace the quiet confidence of Dean Bryden AND someone who will also possess the requisite acting skills to be in Law Show every year. […]

Khadr’s Lawyer Dennis Edney addresses U of A Law

Michael Aytenfisu (2L) “With due respect, the only crime equal to willful inhumanity is the crime of indifference, the crime of silence and the crime of forgetting.” This was one of profound messages imparted to those attending Mr. Dennis Edney’s impassioned address at the U of A Law centre on October 17. Canadian Lawyers for […]