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Monthly Archives: November 2013

He Said; She Said: Eating in Class

He Said-Bon Appétit! Nakul Bhatia (2L) Is this actually a question…I can’t believe this is even debatable. What are we, in grade 3? It is ALWAYS ok to eat in class! I am assuming that this topic is relevant because of that crazy student at Osgoode. What did he/she say you ask? The student’s letter […]

Student Opinions on Curriculum

Five students were asked to highlight one thing the University of Alberta’s curriculum does well, and provide one recommendation on how our Faculty could improve upon the existing learning environment. Thus far, the in-class component of 1L is moving along quite nicely. The professors are knowledgeable, engaging and very helpful in guiding us through the […]

JTT – Parking rules

Mario Babic This month, we’ll tackle one of the most ubiquitous gripes faced by the modern man. Whether prince or pauper, PARKING troubles us all. Part II of Edmonton’s bylaw 5590 contains a host of rules (sections 4-47) pertain to a host of rules surrounding how we’re to leave our vehicles unattended on the streets […]

In Looking: Curriculum Reform

Mustafa Farooq (2L) “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning”- Albert Einstein Recently, at the U of A’s Faculty of Law, there has been a series of developments around moving our law school, and indeed Canadian law schools, into the future. Indeed, there is much […]

It’s a Great Day for HACC-Key!

Faiz-Ali Virji (2L) Remember all those times you felt like you were possibly wasting your time looking up all there is to know about hockey in class instead of paying attention? Remember thinking “if only I could be studying hockey instead of law”? Well, from October 18-19, I was fortunate enough to do just that! […]

A Guide to Guilt-Free Dancing to Blurred Lines

Auckland U’s Law Review Girls have been hailed for their overnight ascent to feminist global domination, all thanks to their song entitled Defined Lines. The parody features such wit-packed lines as “We ain’t good girls/we are scholastic/smart and sarcastic/not fucking plastic” and “If you wanna get nasty/just don’t harass me/you can’t just grab me/that’s a sex […]

Supreme Court is a Man Short

Angus Cheung (2L) The Canadian judicial and political sphere has once again clashed in controversy following the recent Supreme Court of Canada appointment of The Honourable Mr. Justice Marc Nadon. This is the sixth Supreme Court appointment by Prime Minister Harper, filling the seat vacated by Justice Morris Fish earlier this summer. However, the highest […]

Tortfeasors Update

Matt Riskin (3L) After many unsuccessful attempts to have the publishers of Canons let me contribute a regular piece devoted to the intersection between Mines & Minerals Law and comedy (titled “It’s Gold Jerry!”), I am pleased that they have at least allowed this contribution. I write here in my capacity as a member of […]

Law Games Returns!

Nick Williams (2L) From January 2-5, 2014 the University of Alberta Law Games Team will be competing in athletic and social events against 20 other Canadian law schools. As if that wasn’t reason enough to sign up for Law Games, here are 10 more reasons that you should attend Law Games 2014 in Montreal: 10 […]

The Five W’s of the Dean’s Fellows

Mario Babic (3L) In the face of crippling budget cuts, the Faculty of Law has instituted a pilot program this year: The Dean’s Fellows. This is just one of the parts of a broader academic and cultural support program being implemented this year. What? The Dean’s Fellows program consists of a group of upper year […]