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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Miss Chiff: How Not to Share Notes

Miss Chiff (??L) All similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental – expect where it’s intentional.   Dear Miss Chiff, I used to take quick snoozes in class all the time during my undergrad. Now that I’m constantly boozing after class I’m permanently tired. When is it ok to nap in my law […]

It’s Time for Ford to Go

Andrew Chai (2L) The people of Toronto could never have known that things would turn out so badly when they elected Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto back on October 25, 2010. I certainly did not when I cast my ballot. At the his inaugural city council meeting Don Cherry even described Rob Ford as […]

Profile of the SNAIL

Ariel Lekas, 1L Not even three months into 1L, I am well aware of the derision and disdain that most law students hold against the common SNAIL. Although the University of Alberta aspires to “maintain a culture of scholarship and open academic inquiry, respect and tolerance” in all of its libraries, it’s sometimes hard to […]

COP 19 Conference Coverage

Kathleen Coulter I’m sitting at the computer frantically sending emails, checking the status of our viewers, a million questions running through my head, and all the while the clock is steadily ticking. Ahmad Alhendawi, the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, will be walking in here any minute. I’d spent all week coordinating a virtual discussion […]

Serious Appetite for Change- Clinical Intensives at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law

Scott Meyer (2L) Since the Future of Law school conference two months ago, student representatives have started to engage in conversations with our Faculty about the prospect of bringing 15-credit clinical intensives to the University of Alberta.  These discussions are the direct result of students submitting a 10-page proposal that calls on our Faculty to […]

JTT: Tinted Windows

Mario Babic (3L) This month, we will visit a very narrow problem: the prohibition of window tint on the front windows of automobiles. This month’s tip like many before it was borne out of necessity. As police enforce rules which curtail our liberty under the guise of public safety, one cannot help but instantly think of […]

Semester of Firsts for the Volleyball Teams

Samantha Stokes (1L) Following a summer of beer league beach volleyball, I got thrown into the much more competitive indoor intramural league in September. I quickly found out it was a lot less beach and beer and way more volleyball.  With that, for each of the two volleyball teams I played on it was a […]

A Dirge for Jay and Dan

Elliot Bridgewater (3L) Why do we miss Jay and Dan, the beloved highlight tandem that left TSN for the $greener$ pastures of American network Fox Sports? After scouring my rapidly eroding memory banks and watching YouTube highlights of Jay and Dan doing highlights, I’m left with a somewhat elusive answer as to why Canadian sports […]

Professor Caufield Wins Prestigious Trudeau Fellowship

Reprinted with permission from the Faculty of Law   Since 2003, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation has awarded fifty Trudeau Fellowships. The University of Alberta Faculty of Law is proud to announce that Professor Timothy Caulfield has been chosen as a recipient of a 2013 Trudeau Fellowship. The Trudeau Fellowship is worth $225,000 and is […]

Law Guy/Law Girl; Halloween Edition

Law Guy:  Nakul Bhatia (2L):  What are you going to be this year for Halloween? As most people had seen on HalLAWeen night, I was the eternal roman gladiator, a Spartacus for the people, and a warrior that puts Russell Crowe’s best to shame. Describe the best Halloween costume you have ever had or have […]