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Law Games Returns!

Nick Williams (2L)

From January 2-5, 2014 the University of Alberta Law Games Team will be competing in athletic and social events against 20 other Canadian law schools. As if that wasn’t reason enough to sign up for Law Games, here are 10 more reasons that you should attend Law Games 2014 in Montreal:

10 – You’re in Montreal right after New Years and the party will still be going.

9 – We can pretty much guarantee the weather will be nicer there than it is in Edmonton.

8 – The Team is open to anyone, regardless of your athletic background. There are plenty of social events going on throughout the Tournament and we want the U of A to show these East-coasters how to have fun.

7 – It’s the only reason Hersh Gupta went to law school.

6 – The pure enjoyment of watching French people try and understand what Sal is saying. We speak English and we can’t tell what he’s trying to say!

5 – You’ll meet a bunch of people from other law schools, and may have a place to crash if you end up in another random Canadian city.

4 – You’ll be sick of your family by January 2nd anyways.

3 – King Steve Morrison will be attempting to break the records of most trophies won by an individual. He’s basically Michael Phelps.

2 – You get to dominate other law schools and represent your university.

1 – Rodney Perkins won’t be there. There is a 0% chance you’ll have to see his ugly mug when you’re in Montreal partying it up like a champ.

If you are interested in participating in Law Games, please email