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JTT: Tinted Windows

Mario Babic (3L)

This month, we will visit a very narrow problem: the prohibition of window tint on the front windows of automobiles. This month’s tip like many before it was borne out of necessity. As police enforce rules which curtail our liberty under the guise of public safety, one cannot help but instantly think of Figure 7.2 (F. C. DeCoste, On Coming to Law at 191). Truly if one wants to tint their vehicle windows and live out the dream of being an OG, the world ought not interfere with such dreams.

But I, being poor, have only my dreams; the Traffic Safety Act does not tread softly. It tramples the dreams of men. More accurately, section 81 enables “The Minister” to make Regulations pertaining to the “configuration of vehicles”. The Minister, in his endless wisdom, has seen it fit to create some rules surrounding window “glazing” and their standards in sections 70 and 71 of the Regulations. Section 70(1) states:

A person shall not install, replace or cover the window glazing in a windshield or in a left or right side window of a motor vehicle that is beside or forward of the driver with a transparent, translucent or opaque material.

This effectively prevents people from putting tint on their front windows. But the wording is a bit more artful than that. It refers to ‘installing, replacing, or covering’ ‘with a transparent, translucent, or opaque material’. This wording technically prevents replacement of a window. Subsection 5 chimes in to fix that absurd outcome:

A person may replace the window glazing installed by the manufacturer of a motor vehicle with the same type of glazing.

Therein lies the key. Windows CAN be replaced. Now the trick is to buy a window that is tinted from the manufacturer. A number of car manufacturers (usually the higher end ones) have vehicles that come standard or at least have the option of tinted windows. Note that tint (a plastic sheet) is not applied to the glass, rather the material itself is tinted – like sunglass lenses. The question of whether it constitutes the “same type of glazing” is open to interpretation. Cars have different trim levels, different options, who’s to say what goes where. If it can be obtained from the manufacturer, it’s fair game.

So there’s your tip: Don’t waste money tinting your car, tickets are just a matter of time.  The only way to have immunity is to spend even MORE money and buy windows tinted by the manufacturer. Yes, the impracticality is evident. However, gangster dreams are equally impractical… so it evens out.

Many problems in life are solvable with money, this one just happens to require an inordinate amount. Fortunately, our chosen profession will (hopefully) leave us with more money than sense, and a burning desire to break petty rules – this tip has got it all. Sweet dreams gangsta’.

As always: this is solely information, only a fool would treat this as advice. Do your own research!