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It’s Time for Ford to Go

Andrew Chai (2L)

The people of Toronto could never have known that things would turn out so badly when they elected Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto back on October 25, 2010. I certainly did not when I cast my ballot. At the his inaugural city council meeting Don Cherry even described Rob Ford as “honest”, “truthful”, “what you see is what you get”, and the person who was going to be “the greatest mayor this city has ever seen”. He is now eating his words and those of us who voted for him are regretting our decisions. Even though support for Rob Ford may have actually gone up after he admitted to using crack about a year ago in a drunken stupor polls suggest that, among those members of the so-called “Ford Nation,” his support has actually taken a significant hit.

We were lured by promises that he would end the gravy train, stop the culture of entitlement at city hall, and take care of taxpayers’ money. Cherry also alluded to this when he talked of “all the millions and millions and thousands of dollars” that he was going to save. But all that has become irrelevant. It no longer matters whether he is able to deliver what he promised. It no longer matters how well you’ve run the city when you have lost the trust of the people. This scandal is the final straw out of many that have come to overshadow whatever he may have accomplished. From lying about drunk driving in Florida, causing a drunken disturbance at a hockey game, being charged with domestic assault, groping a past mayoral rival, showing up drunk at city hall on the night of St. Patrick’s Day, and many more drunken appearances that have shown up on social media and in the news, Rob Ford has made plenty of mistakes.

But, unlike those other times, his latest “mistake” is one that neither he nor the City of Toronto can move forward from. What he has done goes beyond simply being an alcoholic. And it has done much more damage than humiliating Toronto in front of the world’s media and allowing it to be the butt of jokes from late-night comedians. He has completely shattered the trust that the people of Toronto have placed in him. Not only has he been lying to the people all this time about his drug use, but has been consorting with convicted criminals in order to cover it up. Instead of getting tough on drugs and crime he has actively been involved in it. Now that the police have the video every minute he is still mayor is a minute delaying Toronto’s recovery from this whole mess. Rob Ford needs go and take a good long look at himself in the mirror. He should reflect on his past rhetoric on entitlements and realize that he is no longer entitled to hold the office of mayor. It is time for him to go.