19 Law United

Manav Deol (3L)                         

The intermural championship has been ever so elusive for the law school Men’s soccer team. With no titles in recent memory, Law United finally looked poised to end the longstanding drought last season when they reached the outdoor soccer final. However, the season once again ended trophy-less with the boys suffering a heartbreaking 3-2 defeat. Determined to make amends, Law United started the following indoor season undefeated through five games. Fortune was not on their side, however, as a technicality prevented them from qualifying for the playoffs and the season ended in all too familiar fashion.

With the beginning of another fall semester at the U of A Law School, along came the kick-off of yet another soccer season. While this year’s team assumed the responsibility of ending the title drought just like all of its predecessors, the 2013 season would see the law faculty being represented in the top tier of campus soccer for the first time. Law United’s finals appearance last season had earned them promotion to Division 1.

The season began positively with a large contingent of the 28 registered players being 1L recruits who had no issue asserting their quality from the onset. While the rookies broke on to the scene with numerous impressive performances, it took some time for them to get properly acquainted with co-captain Keerit Jutla’s post-game celebrations.

After two successive wins to begin the campaign, Law United had their toughest test ahead of them in match three.  The team maintained its fine form and won with two late goals after being in a stalemate for the majority of the match. The boys went on to finish first in the group after going undefeated through four games. The semi-final beckoned and once again, a championship was within reach.

The semi-final proved to be the closest score-line in the journey to the final. While Law United scored two goals in the first half, their opponent’s set the stage for a nail-biting finale with a stunning goal fifteen minutes from full time. Fortunately, Law United was able to withstand intense pressure in the dying minutes of the match to hold on for a 2-1 victory. For the returning 2Ls and 3Ls, the final whistle meant a chance at redemption after last year’s final.

Misfortune looked to again deny the team of that elusive championship as the final fell on the same date of the annual Energy Law Club Oil Sands trip, an event that most players were committed to attending. However, the magic of Keerit “The Godfather” Jutla led to the game being rescheduled. The Godfather’s efforts inspired the team to put on a dominating performance in the final as they won emphatically by a score of 5-1. Law United are champions of campus soccer at last. The team finished with 6 wins, 0 losses, and was never losing at any point of any game. They will look to follow up with an indoor season championship come January.