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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Law Guy, Law Girl; 3L Bucket List

Law Guy:  Devin Crisanti The 3L Bucket List 1) Congrats on your upcoming article position!  Where will you be articling and in what city? I will be articling at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP in Calgary.   2) Before you move, list the top 5 things on your bucket list to do in Edmonton! 1)      Go […]

He Said; She Said; Impressions of 1L

He Said; Joshua Samac Scott Turrow lied to me – words that circumnavigated the celestial sphere of my mind’s eye the other night as I restlessly tried to bring myself to slumber. I’ve heard that a running mind is common stance amongst those (un)lucky enough to call themselves 1Ls. Perhaps I’ll be the first to […]

The Cold, Harsh Prairies: Surviving Edmonton’s Winter.

The dark, cold days of winter are finally upon us. For those who are new to Edmonton or those who have willfully suppressed the memory of the harsh reality of winter, this can be a disgruntling  time.  Surviving the five to six months of winter in Edmonton is a test of one’s patience, endurance, and […]

The Trial of Santa Claus

Lisa Wingenbach, 2L As a child, many of us were told the tale of a jolly fellow named “Santa Claus” or “Santa” for short. As I do every year, I wrote a letter to him telling him my latest community contributions and how I have been such a good girl, in the hopes that he […]

Senate Scandal: Sanctioning those who have not respected the rules?

Kelly Starrak (2L) In November 2012, the Senate’s internal economy committee began to audit the housing allowances of its members. Findings indicated that certain expenses were being improperly claimed. Under particular scrutiny was PEI Senator Mike Duffy’s claim for $33,000 in living allowances for a ‘secondary’ residence in Ottawa that appeared, on the facts, to […]

The 411 – Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission and the “Wireless Code”

Nora Kharouba (3L) Hear ye, Hear-ye, cellular mobile users: the time has come! The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will be unveiling a new Wireless Code (the Code) on December 2nd 2013. What is this code I speak of? Wireless providers will be subject to new mandatory requirements soon. The Code was drafted after […]

A Modest Proposal: How to make more money from students

It is a melancholy object to students of this law school to see that there will be a $12 fee ($13.05 after converting to Canadian dollars) for writing exams each semester on their laptops. Over the course of three years, each student will have to pay $72 for the convenience of writing their exams electronically. […]

1L Exam Advice

My advice for exams is keep doing whatever you did in your undergrad to get to this point; it obviously worked! Whether that means getting through all the readings and making your own CANs, or starting a study group where you divide and conquer, remember that everyone is different. What works for the person to […]

Law and Business Association: Main Street Law

Joshua Allen (3L) I am thoroughly biased but I think that Law and Business Association events offer a candid look at both “business and the law” and “the business of law.” I would encourage anyone who has any interest in business to consider attending our future events. Our most recent meeting was a talk hosted […]

Moot Point: The Pipeline

Big Risks and No Rewards Natasha Edgar (3L) BC and Alberta have reached a deal on the as-yet unapproved Northern Gateway pipeline. That’s not a good thing. No matter how safe a pipeline purports to be, they are not foolproof. The proposed line stretches almost 1200km from Bruderheim, AB to Kitimat, BC. In fact, there […]