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Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Lisa Wingenbach (2L)

As one gets older time seems to fly by, every year going by faster than the last. Without realizing it, Halloween is but a heartbeat away and once again a person is confronted with the last minute decision of what to wear on this slightly overrated holiday. Even if the 31st comes as no surprise, most put off the effort of actually pulling together a semi-decent costume until it is absolutely necessary. After all, this is law school and procrastination is not only a norm, it is somewhat of a talent.

However the issue is not that the task is put off, it is the resulting lack of creativity. Who hasn’t seen a man dress in gear from a sport of his choice and call it a costume? And animals: are a pair of ears and a dress truly a costume of an animal? Statistics show that less than 1% of animals such as rabbits, cats and other small rodents wear dresses on a regular basis…unfortunately.

While it is unrealistic to assert that everyone should devote the same time and creativity to their Halloween costume as say, updating their Facebook, a little creativity couldn’t hurt. But one need not fear, inspiration is everywhere! This is a fantastic opportunity to show off creative ability.

A quick look around the immediate surroundings and the imagination wheels begin to turn.  Take law for instance: there are a plethora of legal phrases that have the potential to be transformed into quasi-funny Halloween costumes. Listed below are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Consider this: a person could wear a suit, attach the word “law” to said suit and voila! He or she is a lawsuit. Alternatively, one could wear cargo pants and a thick, woolly sweater and go as hot cargo. Lastly, one could dress in modest, preferably beige clothing having regard for the weather, while emitting an irritatingly smug energy to the average, flawed person. This obviously is a costume for the reasonable person.

The best part about these ideas is that they incorporate clothing that can be found in the average person’s closet. This eliminates the need for the 8PM grab & go costume on the big night.

There are virtually endless possibilities to be found in any law dictionary that will inspire a great costume. Well, perhaps “endless” and “great” are too bold….there must be at least 8, possibly 9, satisfactory ideas in there. But caution should be exercised! This creative expression must be kept within socially acceptable limits: it would be unwise to go as a naked trust.

A final word: As a last resort one could always run to the nearest drug store, find a cheap grim reaper mask and go as him or herself during first year final exams.