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Is it Possible to Have a Gay ol’ Time in Law school?

Chris Wilson (2L), Shad Turner (2L)

I know what you’re thinking, you could use more gay in your day to enliven these dreary cement walls with a splash of rainbow colour. Well, you’re in luck. After a quiet year (even the crickets were on hiatus), OUTlaw is back in action and ready to entertain, educate, and support the law school masses. For those not in the know, OUTlaw is dedicated to promoting the interests and wellbeing of LGBTQ persons and allies in the Faculty of Law, encouraging awareness of legal issues facing the broader LGBTQ community of Edmonton, and fostering relationships with LGBTQ members of the legal community.

Our focus this year is to reach out and provide thoughtful and engaging events that inform and inspire. Some of the great things we have lined up this year include twice-monthly social events, speakers, and involvement in the campus-wide Pride Week in March. But, we can’t do it without you! Join OUTlaw and help plan and put on the events. It will look great on your resume and guarantee instant good karma. Not interested in doing all the work? Or any of it, for that matter?? We’ve got you covered: just show up at our events and have a great time with fabulous people. (And here you thought law school was going to be difficult!) So, come join us. We have candy, and an impeccable fashion sense.

Here’s how you can engage with OUTlaw:

Interested in meeting a group of quirky, intelligent human beings? Come to one of our queer beer socials. Don’t drink? That’s okay, come anyway. We won’t judge.

Curious about queer issues in Edmonton and beyond? Come to one of our speaker series and fill up that dreaded free time between class and the library.

Want to learn more about what we have planned, or connect with others when you are supposed to be taking notes in class? Check us out on Facebook (but then pay attention to the instructor—they’re lonely standing at the front of the class):

Is your inbox too empty? Join our mailing list for priority access to all the latest and greatest OUTlaw news in brilliant Technicolor. Email to join.

Have a great idea to share? A question you need answered? Feeling lonely, or wondering if you’re the only one out there? (You’re not, by the way.) Send us an email. We love getting electronic post almost as much as we love compliments on our hair:

Not lucky enough to be born this way? Not a problem, we love allies as much as we love Liza Minnelli and Melissa Etheridge. Maybe even more!