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The “Rock Stars” of Curling


Tareyn Warren (3L)

Every winter students from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law participate in the annual Law Bonspiel; a curling tournament that broadcasts law students at their finest. This year the curling tournament sold out in an unprecedented four minutes. Students were undoubtedly eager to show off their curling skills and hit the ice for a little friendly competition. Or so I thought.

This year students appeared to be more enthusiastic about the idea of winning a prize for best costume then winning the actual curling tournament itself. Take for example Garrett Lee’s (3L) team of cute (creepy) animals. Not only did they wear masks the entire day but they decided against speaking…for 5 hours. This did not end well, particularly for Scott Brasil (3L) who described the experience as nothing short of “torture.” Thankfully, other costumes were more cute than creepy. Jackie Anderson’s (3L) team of Care Bears used their “Care Bear Stare” to crush other teams, including my team of “Rock Stars”. The fact that they were so nice to their opponents served only to make the loss that much worse. Steve Morrison’s (1L) team of Old Men were seemingly innocent until their walking canes proved to be nothing but a hazard to other curlers (Shanlee Von Vegesack 3L). The team that ended up receiving the most votes and winning the prize for best overall costume was Lamont Bartlett’s (3/4L) slightly offensive team of the “Sister Wives.” An honorable mention was given to Dhruv Gupta’s (3L) team who were the Larry David’s of curling, a much needed improvement from last years “costume” of the Good Looking Guys.

Now, on to the real winners.

It is no surprise that Adam Norget’s (3L) team was the overall winner of the curling tournament, for the third year in a row. What was surprising was the fact that the second place team overall was Dhruv Gupta’s team. Maybe Ben Lotery (Graduated) really was the downfall of last year. The winner of the consolation round was Gareth Reeve’s (3L) team, otherwise known as the House Wives of Hong Kong, who beat out Ryan Ghuman’s (2L) team for the win. And once again my team got third place over all. Or fifth. Or eighth. Or, somewhere around there.

Overall the annual University of Alberta Faculty of Law Bonspiel was a HUGE success! Thank you to Hudsons and Avenue Pizza who donated prizes and to all of the participants who came out this year. And for those of you who didn’t. If you decide to attend one event in the future, make it this one!!!