He Said – She Said: Parents At Grad



11he said

Paul and his moustache are happy to have parents at grad.

He Said: Of Course You Should Bring Your Parents to Grad!

Paul Tonita (3L)

Why? You ask. I shall explain this to you in 15 simple points.

  1. Do you utterly hate your parents? Would they rather bang their heads against a brick wall than spend any time with you? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then you can ignore the next 14 items as there is nothing I can say that will convince you to bring your parents to grad. If you answered “no” to both questions, please continue.
  2. Your parents will be proud of you and will want to support you as you are finally on your way to independence. Perhaps the next step will be to move out of your parents’ basement. Grad will prove that you will be able to accomplish moving out one day.
  3. There will likely be a dance-off at some point. Parents love dance-offs.
  4. What’s better than watching your dad have a few drinks and then share his views on the good ol’ days with your friends.
    1. If your parents are from a small town, the Shaw will offer great views of the “big city”.
    2. If you are from BC, March 23 will be the perfect opportunity to prove to your parents that it can get above 0° Celsius prior to July 15.
    3. If you can convince your parents to stick around until 4:00 am you will have a designated driver to get pizza.
    4. Andrew Dixon has contracted to put on a great show as MC or if that fails, then as emcee.
    5. Drinks are guaranteed to be cheaper than at Carbolic. Shouldn’t your parents be able to experience that and pay for you?
    6. While you may make an ass of yourself, your parents have already seen that right? If not, perhaps it’s time.

10. They will get to listen to a bunch of speeches by people they don’t know or really care about. It will be a good character building exercise for them. Parents need that.

11. They will be proud of you…hopefully.

12. Law school is pretty much the same thing as high school: half lockers, posters all over the place, guys and girls hooking up here and there. Your parents went to your high school grad didn’t they? Why wouldn’t they want a repeat?

  1. 13.  This is law grad! This could/should be your last grad…at least for a while.
  2. 14.  If your parents don’t come, Emily Keene will have nobody to toast.

On a personal note, the reason I want my parents to come is so that everyone can see that my dad gets full credit for giving me the moustache growing genes.


She Said: Why you might want to re-consider bringing your (my) parents to grad

Nicole Rodych (3L)

Nicole’s cat is not impressed at the thought of parents at grad.

So off the bat I have to be honest: I don’t mind having parents come to  grad. I may be the wrong person to write this article because I generally  like my friends’ parents, and what’s the harm having extra cool moms  and  dads around.

The issue though isn’t other people’s parents – it’s my own.

I would like to point out that I didn’t exactly “invite” my parents to grad.  They decided in 1L that they were coming to celebrate grad whether I  liked it or not.

Now I certainly don’t hate my mother or father. In fact I quite like them,  and find their little quirks and beliefs endearing in the deep privacy of  our family home. But when they come out in public, especially around law school folks, well I can’t help but sense trouble a brewing.

Issue #1: Meeting the parents. So my parents have never met the parents of my lovely bf, Cameron – grad 2013 will be the epic first encounter.

Now I really like Cam’s parents. They’re these hippy-esque liberals (socialists by Alberta standards) from Tsawwassen, BC who enjoy swimming in the ocean, travelling to poor exotic places around the world, having a good time, drinking, etc.

As for my mom and dad; well they are staunch conservative Catholics who grew up in rural Saskatchewan, and now live in SW Calgary (a.k.a Stephen Harper’s riding) Their favorite activities involve, I don’t know, going to Church, watching Corner gas drinking tea… my mom still think “hell” and “damn” are inappropriate words.

So that whole “meeting” should be interesting.

Issue #2 Dashed expectations. My parents sorta know what I do in law school. They know all about my work with SLS; they’ve even visited the law school when I competed in my moot last year. I think so far they hold a pretty high opinion of U of A law in general.

So yeah, even if they’ll be leaving soon after dinner, I think they’re going to see/hear many things that are going to horrify them by the end of the night, because let’s be honest, we are not a classy bunch.  And I don’t know how to answer the questions about why everyone “slurs their words so much and has such glassy red eyes…”.

Issue #3 No fun. Sometimes the most fun part of a night out is the pre-drink party. If the past 3 Carbolics are any indication, I can usually barely sit up straight by the time dinner is served.

But now instead of spending the day getting my hair done with my friends, having a pre-drink dance party, and getting sloshed by 6 p.m., I will be with my parents… and my bf’s parents… on my best behaviour.

So all in all this doesn’t seem ideal.

So in the end, if you have cool hip parents, come on and bring em’ down. But for me, well, fingers crossed.